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...[A] year of sorrow and bloodshed that will have no end soon, for the world is being torn apart, and my kingdom shall rise from the ruins of it.
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On Monday February 11 in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Gloria Olivae, announced that on the end of the month he would resign, the first Pope to do so in nearly 600 years, the only one to do so for reasons of "health", and one of only 8 to ever do so in over 2,000 years of Papal glory. While the officially stated reason is that the Pope is old, this is an obvious lie. He is only 85 and has no diseases or other conditions to speak of. His predecessor, His Holiness Pope John Paul II The Labour of the Son, was an incredibly active Pope right until his death in 2005 at age 84 while wasting away of Parkinson's Disease. No, it is quite obvious that this there is far more to this then meets the eye.

Timeline of the Apocalypse[edit]

The 1960s[edit]

For decades the Anti-Christ has been conspiring to come to Earth, but needed there to be a sufficient amount of moral debauchery in the Earth to do so, which happened in the 1960s, of course. And of course, this was the time President Barack HUSSEIN Obama was born. The satanic Illuminati groups, their militant wing the Knights Templar kidnapped and ritualistically raped and murdered dozens of women, using the pseudo-aborted fetuses to bring to earth the Anti-Christ, while working through their public face the Free Masons stole the election from Barry Goldwater and elected Lyndon B. Johnson (who originally got into office after the Knights Templar assassinated John F Kennedy), a known Free Mason. Through Johnson they initiated such obvious acts as the weakening of Christianity and growth of the state, as well as laying the foundation for the eventual take over of the United States by the UN, which is of course an establishment run by and for the Illuminati, which he did by the creation or expansion of such organizations as the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and FEMA, as well as weakening the US military significantly and greatly strengthening the nanny-state, so millions of crack whores can live off of your back.

The 1970s[edit]

With the 1970s rolling in the moral degradation continued, with such Free Mason connected presidents as Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford (whose vice President was a Rothschild), and Jimmy Carter, who added the extra evil of encouraging the Green-tards by creating the EPA. During this time the Illuminati orchestrated various acts to make the US appear weak and stupid, such as kidnapping Americans in Tehran by bribing the towelhead Iranians, prepping the Iranians for war against Iraq, and taking secret control of North Korea, China, Vietnam, and Afghanistan.

The 1980s[edit]

Finally the US managed to overwhelm the Illuminati when President Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected in a landslide victory against Jimmy Carter. The unaltered vote was nearly 100% in favor of President Ronald Wilson Reagan, whose presidency was so powerful it finally caused the collapse of the USSR, which had been the secret base of operations of the Illuminati since the 1920s when their agent Lenin took control of the country. Following the Iraqis smashing success over Iran in the Iran-Iraq war, the Illuminati's agents assassinated the rightful head of the state, and replaced him and numerous others in his cabinet with impostors, who proceeded to ruin the country economically and conspired with Illuminati controlled Afghanistan and Iran to shelter Al Qaeda, and with Illuminati controlled Niger to build and hide nuclear warheads.

The 1990s[edit]

In an attempt to discredit the predictors of the end of the world, the Illuminati have been bribing or blackmailing con men into making bogus predictions since the 1960s, but with their plans coming to a head, they start to ramp up the frequency of them, reaching a zenith in the "Y2K" phenomena, and continuing until the "December 21 2012" phenomena.

US President George H.W. Bush continued the tradition of stomping the Illuminati by attacking Iraq. The Illuminati controlled "Democrats", who are of course all crypto-Communists, prevented him from fulling smashing their foothold, and then wrecked the economy so that it would be easier on the public's mind when the Free Mason Bill Clinton won in 1992. He continued to act in the interest of his Illuminati handlers, until he retired in 2000.

Construction begins in CERN on the Large Hadron Collider, funded heavily by the Free Masons.

The 2000s[edit]

The Illuminati were finally pushed out of office by President George W Bush in 2000. The Gore failed despite Illuminati ballot stuffing in the swing state of Florida. In an attempt to discredit President George W Bush the Knights Templar organized an assault through their control of al Qaeda and the Taliban. In response President Bush launched the highly successful War on Terror, which toppled the Taliban in Afghanistan, aided in their removal from Pakistan, and then laid the smack down on Iraq, which was still using its Illuminati contacts to build nuclear weapons. The US war in Iraq forced the missile developers to move operations to Iran, pushing back the Illuminati plans by at least a decade. But the grand plan had not been foiled.

In 2005 the Knights Templar assassinated His Holiness Pope John Paul II The Labour of the Son and forcibly installed Benedict XVI, Gloria Olivae, expecting him to be a push over. Instead he helped in the fight against the Illuminati by chastising numerous things the Illuminati had been pushing, like sex ed to make children whores, the use of condoms to make children whores, homosexuality in order to make children faggots, as well as telling the Chinese and North Koreans to fuck off. However, he was clearly being bribed, threatened or blackmailed by the Illuminati, as evidenced by his position on migration, the global economy, wealth redistribution, and nuclear weapons. He is still stronger than any of us could have wished.

The Large Hadron Collider is finished in 2008, and the Illuminati orchestrated global financial crisis and preceding global economic depression begins in 2009.

The 2010s[edit]

The Illuminati puppet Barack HUSSEIN Obama is forcibly re-elected as the economy continues to spiral further and further out of control. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Gloria Olivae begins being blackmailed even worse in early December 2012, pushing him to resign in 11 February 2013. Notice that written in two digit numbers that is 11-02-13, and what is 11+02? 13 and 13! Use your eyes sheeple! His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Gloria Olivae, is leaving us clues, he is being set up so that the Illuminati can install the new Pope, the anti-Pope! This will be the final Pope, Petrus Romanus, will in fact be the Satan child born in the 1960s. The Satan child will become Pope in March or April 2013 at the age of approx. 50, and will be Pope until the 2020s when he is 66.

The current US President will continue to make the economy worse until 2015 when he will orchestrate numerous minor false flag terrorist attacks against the US such as the one at Sandy Hook, that combined with a large terrorist attack against the US, and a worsening economy with double digit unemployment will allow him to declare a state of emergency, and suspend the 2016 elections indefinitely. He will confiscate all privately owned firearms, which combined with growing taxes to fund the crack whore welfare state will result in riots by 2020, allowing him to continue the state of emergency.

The 2020s and the Great Tribulation[edit]

With the 2020s comes a continued decade of unrest. The President's pull out from Iraq and indifference to Iran and North Korea, as well as China, Cuba, and dozens of other states under the control of the Illuminati allows the worst to happen in the 2020s, when Petrus Romanus, the Satan child, is 66. Then, the states which the president has allowed to build nuclear weapons, will use them. A global thermonuclear war will last for 6 years and 66 days, ending when a nuclear warhead strikes St. Peter's and kills the Petrus Romanus.

The 2030s[edit]

The Satan child Petrus Romanus will be reincarnated in the body of President Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who will work with the UN that will use the ending of the global thermonuclear war to subvert the power of every state, and create the New World Order, whose various heads will all be agents of the Illuminati. The Illuminati controlled New World Order will make sex education, homosexuality, condom and abortion use universal, which will have already prevented Jesus Christ from being reborn, as was prophesied in scripture.

And then the world will end in fire as the UN puppet state launches nuclear warheads against the world's people for their own selfish gain, and will then repopulate the earth with their own idealistic communist race.