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The real interest of America: A Big Mac and fries

McDonald's Corporation is the world's most notorious supplier of grease hamburgers. It was founded in its modern corporation form by a multimixer salesman named Ray Kroc, who bought the name from the McDonald brothers. The corporation has generated much controversy over charges including providing unhealthy food, cutting down rainforests, serving coffee too hot to be safe, and the McLibel case where several people were caught up in a legal battle with the giant Goliath McDonald's over pamphlets provided by London Greenpeace (at the time it did not have an affiliation with the larger Greenpeace organization) and only two of them didn't surrender: Helen Steel and David (surprise?) Morris.

Health food[edit]

Critics claim the fast food giant is the reason why so many Americans are obese, including children and adolescents. However, the corporation claims they are going in the right direction. This includes putting apples in Happy Meals and not marketing hamburgers and fries directly to children, selling milk and juice as an alternative to soda and milkshakes, eliminating trans fats from French fries, and selling salads to adults (which, after McDonald's hired a new head chef, became edible).

Despite these new innovations, critics still claim that McDonald's is a greaseball since hamburgers and fries are still the heavyweights. They also push sugary soft drinks and milkshakes to wash their food down with; this only adds to the total calorie load of a typical meal.

How to win friends and influence people How to piss off your employees and make yourself a laughingstock in the media[edit]

In 2013, as their American employees began making noises about wanting a living wage and better benefits, the brain trust at McD's corporate offices began issuing missives via their website to their employees telling them how to budget and spend their money.

  • In July, they issued hints on how employees should budget their salary. Included were $600 for rent and $150 for car payments, but nothing for gas for the car or for food.[1]
  • In November, they issued tips on how to get extra money during the holidays, such as returning gifts for cash refunds and bring sack lunches.[2]
  • In December, two weeks after the November message and on the day that McD's employees in 100 cities picketed for higher wages,[3] a message to employees was placed on the website telling them the proper way to tip au pairs, personal fitness trainers, dog walkers and pool cleaners.[4]
  • Then on 23 December came the ultimate sin — the website advised employees that junk food is bad for you. [5]
  • Realizing that they were no longer lovin' it, headquarters pulled the plug on the entire site on Christmas day. Ho ho ho![6]

It should be noted that many McD's employees in the US are on public assistance, basically meaning that the federal government is subsidizing McDonald's profits. Many also work two or three jobs to survive. Others rely on parents or siblings for help. Some have even stated that they can't afford to eat at McD's on their McD's salary.[7]

Dragging an old lady through the dirt[edit]


McDonald's is not universally popular outside the United States.

Continuing with their fetish, conspiracy nuts have said McDonald's is part of the Illuminati. A whole Youtube series was made dedicated to it![8]

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