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Fun:FAQ for the Newly Deconverted

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FAQ for the Newly Deconverted? tl;dr. Laconic version follows.

Okay, what is it that I'm supposed to believe now?[edit]

Whatever you want.

What about all these people who have spent time in college and seminaries learning what they teach? Shouldn't they know what they're talking about better than I would?[edit]

Not really, no.

What about morality? I've always heard that to be a moral person, one needs a higher power.[edit]

Nope, Golden Rule (or empathy if you don't want it in forms of rules) provides a form of morality without the need of a higher power.

If everyone were atheist, wouldn't people just do whatever they wanted, no matter who was harmed?[edit]

No. See above.

What's the meaning of life, without gods or an afterlife?[edit]

Basically, whatever meaning you bring to it.

Can free will exist without gods?[edit]

Ask instead: "does the existence or otherwise of free will have any bearing on your life?" The answer, probably not.

What about science? You rationalists hold it up as the be-all, end-all of human knowledge, but how can that be when it's always changing?[edit]

The media overhypes unscientific reports. Science is self-correcting by nature.

Well, how did things come to be? What was before the Big Bang? If God didn't create the universe, how did it happen?[edit]

We don't know, but that's OK.

What about, you know, sex?[edit]

Go for it. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

What is informed consent?[edit]

All participants should know why they're there, be OK with it, and understand what will happen from it. Animals and young children are incapable of it.

So yeah, about sex.[edit]

Pay attention to sex education, be a good person, and have fun.

Gambling? Drinking? Drugs?[edit]

Know your limits, know the law, know your wallet.

What about the Bible?[edit]

Probably written by a bunch of people over a long period of time. Books exist on its history.

What about other Scriptures? The Qur'an? The Book of Mormon? The Vedas?[edit]

See last sentence in above.

But what do I do with my tithe money?[edit]

Give to charity.

But I miss the social setting at church...[edit]

Try a Unitarian Universalist Church, a Cultural Ethical Society, or friends.

You haven't mentioned evolution.[edit]

Good point.

Or abortion, or euthanasia?[edit]

Another good point.

What about politics? How should I vote?[edit]

However your conscience tells you.

If atheism is a lack of belief, why all the fuss?[edit]

To stand up for ourselves. Some see religion as inherently bad.

What's the deal with this Atheism+ thing?[edit]

Question your prejudices and don't be a dick, and you're in.

Okay, anything else I need to know?[edit]

"To thine own self be true."[1] Waffles are good.


  1. William Shakespeare, Hamlet
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