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You know you want to.
"Mary Magdalene In The Cave." Jules Joseph Lefebvre, 1876. Oil on canvas.
See, I told you.

Alternative views[edit]

  • Kind of chunky if you ask me.
  • (^totally in the closet^)
  • What's wrong with chunky?!
  • I'm gonna sue. Who gave permission for this distorted picture of me to be placed on t'internet? Anne Onymous
  • Meh, she's alright.
  • Whoever fucking put this DISGRACE up, better fucking take it down! Fucking Heathen piece of shit. Going To Hell.
  • Jesus knew what was up!
  • Hmmmm, a native-born Judean with pale skin and red hair. She must have been part of that Lost Tribe of Israel that populated Scotland. Still welcome to chew crackers in bed with me.
  • That's it, we're revisiting The Da Vinci Code.
  • Children can see this filth! Won't somebody please think of the children!
  • Right, she's "chunky," because women are obliged to starve themselves for your ogling pleasure.
  • ^Everyone knows that women are only sexy if you can see their ribcage, and, preferably, easily snap them in twain.
  • She's not chunky at all! That chest leaves a lot to be desired, however...
  • ^Says you. Some of us prefer a smaller handful, as it were.
  • I'd like to visit HER holy temple.
  • But am I the only one who finds it weird that Jesus's girlfriend had the same name as his mom? Freud would have a field day with that...
  • Sure, racially, it makes no sense, but who cares? Gingers. ^_^_^_^
  • At least she's shaved her 'pits!
  • I'd plow that like a corn field. Unless it was the Sabbath.
  • ^According to the Jewish religion, the Shabbat is actually the best day to shag on (your wife, at least)!!
  • "Mary Magdalene in the Cave", eh? I'd definitely do some spelunking in HER cave. Grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!
  • Actually redheads are native to the Levant, Persia, the Balkans, parts of China, Polynesia, and a number of other places that aren't Scotland. So everyone gets a taste of fine red wine. ^U^
  • Dat booty!
  • Gross white-washed soulless ginger, would not fuck.
  • Mar Yeshua, chaver, you did have damn good taste in women!
  • The Last Supper must have been a wild party with her around.
  • Jesus tapped that? I guess some guys just walk in the light.
  • Didn't some of the apocrypha refer to her as 'the beloved disciple'? Pretty clear why. Hey-zoos must have been hittin' that day and night! If he wasn't, Judas was right to fink to the Judean mods and get him IRL Banhammered from life.
  • Sure she was not actually a priestess of Aphrodite/Venus/Sune/any other goddess of beauty and/or love?
  • Awful 3DPD. Needs more representation from the Manga Bible.
In the name of Aphrodite, we have here a case of blatant plagiarism. Unwise are those to dare anger the Olympians. Look at what happened to a guy with long hair and unconventional views spreading monotheistic propaganda.

See also[edit]

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