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G Man is a YouTube Christian fundamentalist who mostly posts videos of his Google Hangouts. The videos are comprised of him having discussions with his Christian group of friends that he calls "Preaching to the Choir Ministries" as well as debates with other Youtubers. Some of his other videos involve him attacking the atheist community.

G Man is well known for his morally questionable views pertaining to the Bible. For instance, he believes it is morally just to own and beat slaves as depicted in the Bible despite opposing the Atlantic slave trade.[1] G Man also believes Catholics are not True Christians[2] and there are no such thing as starving children.[3] G man also says he wants racists and atheists to be stoned to death. He often resorts to interrupting, talking over, straw manning, making accusations, laughing at, muting, and blocking those who disagree with him during debates and discussions. Putting his beliefs aside, many Youtubers dislike G Man for his childlike and condescending attitude and overall stupidity.

G Man is an occasional guest on the Drunken Peasants, a podcast co-hosted by the infamous vlogger TheAmazingAtheist.

Cancer Quackery[edit]

G Man has most recently been spending his time peddling the known pseudoscientific conspiracy theory that cancer is caused by poor diet and exercise, that chemotherapy is ineffective and kills people more than cancer, and that the true cure involves taking cyanide apricot seeds "Vitamin B-17" (which isn't a real vitamin).[4] When called out on it, he questions his opponents for not having the credentials to talk about the subject (even though his opponent was a palliative care nurse!.[5] His credentials? He claimed to have a degree in nutrition from "a school associated with Rutgers University".[6]

Crank magnetism[edit]

G Man also displays crank magnetism by believing the Moon landing hoax.[7]