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Gareth Young, alias Toque, is an English nationalist commentator. His main emphasis is on the need for an English parliament, but he frequently writes on other subjects relating to England's place within the United Kingdom. He is one of the more sensible and level-headed commentators in his field, leaving him a favourite target of the lunatic fringe.


Young has spent much of his time attacking the English Democrats on the grounds that the party is badly run. He is a former member of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but left the organisation due to its close ties to the English Democrats.[1]

Young has also criticised the Conservatives under David Cameron for neglecting specifically English issues and abandoning their policy of "English Votes on English Laws".[2][3] He has also attacked Labour, specifically under Tony Blair, for its immigration pollicy: "I see immigration as a benefit but mass immigration has been a failure and a betrayal", he writes. "When historians look back to the New Labour era I believe that mass immigration and its irrevocable changes will be seen as Blair's Legacy."[4] He is critical of the Liberal Democrats for not tackling the West Lothian Question, arguing that "[a] party that was truly liberal and democratic would agree to an English constitutional convention and referendum."[5]

He has spoken approvingly of UKIP for its decision to support an English Parliament.[6] He describes the BNP as "repellent",[7] and argues that its relative success is due to failed Labour policies.[8]


Young's archenemy is Steve Uncles of the English Democrats, whose prattish behaviour Young has frequently criticised for bringing the party and cause into disrepute;[9] Uncles has responded to Young's criticisms by claiming that his marriage has failed, and other such silliness.[10] Young eventually decided to end his online involvement with the Campaign for an English Parliament to stop Uncles from using him "as a stick with which to beat the CEP".[11]

Young has also been attacked by members of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation and similar-minded individuals for not being as hung up on race as they are. "[Y]our voice will be dwarfed by the roar of anger as the English say enough is enough, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY" proclaimed a fellow named Andy in response to a post in which Young spoke approvingly about "a more inclusive English national identity".[12]

"I am ethnically English (ipso-facto 'white') male, I am a threatened and reviled species, an underclass in MY country", said "Englisc Native" in the same discussion. "The nations of islam, in case you missed it, have openly declared their intent to 'make England a muslim nation'... DO YOU really really want this future for YOUR Grand Children or Great Grandchildren and beyond? Where the women are treated like dirt, and are required to cover there entire body with drab clothing, I am sure you have heard of the penalties levied against ANYONE who stands out against islam in an islamic country?"[13]

"You seem to be confusing me with someone who supports Islam and mass immigration, I certainly don't support mass immigration and I'm definitely no fan of Islam", replied Young.[14] "I'm very aware of the problems caused by immigration. But the fact that I am a civic nationalist does not me a supporter of immigration, a fact that you don't seem to be able to get your head around."[15]

"What are you going to do about it??", asked "Harold Godwinsson". "Begin a process of gradual repatriation, and don't tell me it can't be done, because it can be done, nothing ever invented or brought into being by any man/woman or Government can not be undone, or changed".[16] He went on to say that "Toque sigests that they be as proud of Englisc Identity, Culture and Heratige as the Native Folk are, how can they be, when their own Heratige and Culture belongs somewhere else, its called ROOTS, knowing what and what you are, and from where your roots are, and your Ancestry, so how can those who are not Native to England feel anything for English Identity, History, Culture and Heratige?... So i am what i am, and they are who they are, there is no Ethnic, Historical or National link between us, this is my Homeland, Father-Land or Mother-Land as some prefure, their Homeland or Father-Land is elsewhere, not here, simple as that!!"[17]

In a later, similar discussion, Young concluded that such critics are ultimately confusing ethnic identity with national identity:

Mike is a visitor from, a group who have demonstrated their incomprehension on this blog before when it comes to distinguishing between the two. There are people who are ethnically English all over the world whose national identity is something different (American, Canadian, Australian, Zimbawean, etc.). Likewise there are people in England who have foreign heritage, who may not be able to claim - as Mike dubiously does - a 2000 year English lineage, but who nevertheless feel 100% English.

When non-Anglo-Saxon people (or worse, non-white people) say that they are English, Mike and his friends feel threatened because for them ethnic identity and national identity are one and the same thing. It's a form of insecurity. As someone who is ethnically English and English by nationality, I'm quite delighted if non-white people call themselves English - I have people in my own family who do just that. It's the immigrant populations that don't call themselves English (or British) who give me cause for concern.[18]

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