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Geoffrey Leonard is a convicted Australian child molester, "pedophile rights" activist and author. He gained recognition following a bizarre Charles Manson-like confrontation with members of the Australian tabloid media outside his Sydney home in 2005.[1]

Leonard was convicted of sexually abusing two young boys in Sydney in 1990. He allegedly gave them copious amounts of money, gifts and love letters, and used this as an opportunity to abuse them. He served several years in prison, and upon his far too soon release, began his crusade of pedophile activism. He published numerous books containing horrific content; advocating the societal acceptance of "man boy love", offered instructions on how to molest young boys and argued for the abolition of age of consent laws. According to the journalist who interviewed Leonard, his total number of books amounts to more than a dozen. Leonard, a practicing Anglican, has condemned the church for homophobia and for its intolerance of "man boy love"[2]

Leonard was convicted before the Australian sex offender registry was established, and as a result, does not appear on it as it was not made retroactive.[1] As a result, many cannot find out about his record unless they check the internet.

Because of his bizarre demeanor during his interviews apparently inspired by Charles Manson, Leonard has since become the subject of many parodies on YouTube and has arguably reached a celebrity status in this regard.

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