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George McGovern

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George Stanley McGovern (1922 - 2012) was a multi-term Senator from South Dakota. He ran for the Presidency against Richard Nixon in 1972 in a campaign marked by an inability to garner even a negligible amount of electoral votes and the fact that two dopey college kids, Bill Clinton and his favorite gal, Hillary Rodham, became political aspirants as a result of being inspired by probably the most dis-heartening election of the era.[1] During the campaign, Nixon was absolutely insane from his own paranoia. He red-baited McGovern for his involvement in the 1947 electoral campaign of Henry A. Wallace, the pro-Soviet former Vice President under FDR. McGovern made numerous stupid decisions in his campaign, such as hiring Thomas Eagleton as his running mate and campaigning on a platform of "amnesty, acid, and abortion." Blame Eagleton for that. Eventually, McGovern dropped Eagleton from the ticket and replaced him with Sargent Shriver, but the damage was done.

Even though every sane person knew that McGovern would lose by a lot, Nixon played every dirty trick he could think of – including the Watergate burglary – to prevent McGovern's quixotic campaign from winning. Like most things Nixon did, this was insane; it would be like Walter White going into the meth trade to finance a trip to the dentist. Of course, we know how it ended: Nixon was destroyed in Marlovian fashion by his own delusions, and McGovern was quietly forgotten.


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