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George Tarleton is a former pastor once affiliated with the British New Church MovementWikipedia, a Pentecostal movement active in the UK starting in the 1970s.

Tarleton has since distanced himself from that movement and now identifies as an anarchist. His current view, as expressed in his 1993 book Birth Of A Christian Anarchist, is:

I am longing for a christianity without walls, the end of evangelism, praise God. Decades of it we have had, but if you didn't have the walls you wouldn't have the evangelism, christianity shouldn't be confined to christians.

Wait, what?

Tarleton now takes a postmodern approach to religion, saying it can be whatever one wants it to be.[1]

One fundamentalist blog (which dedicates itself to exposing what it sees as "end times deceptions") has published an entry critical of Tarleton, calling him a gnostic because of the views he expressed in the book. The blogger also alleges that Tarleton gave a "description of 'truth' as a voluptuous young woman that we 'must undress and experience'". Interestingly, the name of the blog is Banner Ministries.[2] Bruce Banner,Wikipedia is that you?