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Grappling Ignorance

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Grappling Ignorance is a vlogger, who has just over 25,000 followers.

Coming Out[edit]

Grappling Ignorance is a school teacher, who wanted to make a big difference in a community that was stricken by poverty, gangs, and violence (while churches remain glamorous in prosperity, taking in the locals' money). By the time he was given a shout out by DarkMatter2525, he nearly lost his job simply for giving his opinion online about the possibility that there may be no God. He did so in the privacy in his own home, was completely civil and did not share it or force feed it to his students. His videos were only seen by those who wished to see it by their own choice. However, news of his work online spread through his school like an infection: "HOW DARE HE!?" His classroom became vandalized, covering the board with exhortations to "Go back to where he came from" and crosses. His peers and students became vulgar towards him, showing no remorse or second thought that he will be punished in Hell, and people he tried to help (struggling students, druggies and gang members) instantly shunned him like a disease (and the day before, they knew this man as the good guy).

With the encouragement of his peers, he shut down his original YouTube channel, but he refused to be silenced. He opened up a second channel, "Grappling Ignorance," and since then in each of his videos he hides his identity to remain safe from the possibility of being fired, but he continues to use his voice to share with the world the follies of theology. YouTube gives him the ability to share his thoughts with others (like most atheists), due to the inability to have any meaningful discussions with those close to him without receiving huge negative impacts. His videos are well constructed and he proved to be an excellent source of knowledge and entertainment.

He often retells stories of himself about the hostilities he received from others due to his atheism. Other times, he shares stories about others or ones he heard, and sometimes he creates alternative scenarios to portray the irrationality of the negative views towards atheists. Grappling Ignorance became a shining example and inspiration for other closet atheists to come out and assert themselves.