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If we are angry at white people, we will say we are angry at white people, and nobody is going to add 'not all white people' for your benefit.
—Oluo, unironically asking for anti-racist recruits to excuse racism.[1]
Oluo in 2018.
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Ijeoma Oluo (1980–) is a feminist and anti-racist writer from Seattle, Washington. Oluo, a former Guardian journalist,[2] has appeared on multiple "most influential people from Seattle" lists[3][4] and is set to receive the American Humanist Association's 2018 Feminist Humanist Award.[5]

So You Want To Talk About Race[edit]

You are racist because you were born and bred in a racist, white supremacist society, ... White Supremacy is, as I've said earlier, insidious by design. The racism required to uphold White Supremacy is woven into every area of our lives. There is no way you can inherit white privilege from birth, learn racist white supremacy history in schools, consume racist and white supremacist movies and films, work in a racist and white suprema[c]ist workforce, and vote for racist and white supremacist governments and not be racist.
—Oluo, clearly knowledgeable about the minds of every single white person in America.[6]

On 16 January 2018, Oluo's debut book So You Want To Talk About Race (SYWTTAR) was published by Seal Press. SYWTTAR, as its title implies, prominently details Oluo's views on race relations and systemic racism in the United States. On 25 February 2018, SYWTTAR entered The New York Times' Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction Best-Selling Books list.[7]


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