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In Plain Site is a Christian fundamentalist website that claims to have all the evidence supporting the truth of Christianity, but in reality has the same refuted bullshit. They also believe some things that would not please Mainstream Christianity.

Who runs it?[edit]

Some Woman named Carol Brooks, who is claiming to have a series of Miracles to prove her version of God exists [1] (And that's just the tip of the iceberg of her "Evidence".)

What they believe[edit]

  • That Revelation isn't the end of the World, and people who think that are in the "lunatic fringe". (We at Rationalwiki would at least agree that Revelation doesn't describe how the world will end.)
  • Hell isn't eternal torture.
  • That every mainstream church today is doomed for annihilation.
  • Harry Potter is evil.
  • Salvation is not "faith alone", but a bunch of other stuff too.
  • A bunch of other stuff that would be considered heretical.[2]

Her "evidence"[edit]

Miracles, the Fine-Tuned Argument, that Stephen Hawking said so, Second Law of Thermodynamics, and pages of BS.

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