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Jimmy McMillan

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Rent is 2 damn high!
Rent is too damn high!
Rent is too damn high!
Rent is too damn high!
Rent is too damn high!
—Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy McMillan is a perennial mayoral and gubernatorial candidate from New York and the founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party (alternately, Rent Is Too High or Rent Is 2 Damn High depending on how many characters are allowed on the ballot that year). He is known for his Colonel Sanders facial hair and wearing a black glove on one hand. He is also a karate expert. There are currently three registered members of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. Jimmy McMillan is not one of them.[1] McMillan has announced a 2012 presidential run on the Republican ticket.[2] In 2010, he released a single and music video called "Ain't Nothing To Talk About.[3]

Political positions[edit]

Jimmy's one vote in the 2010 election
  • Rent is too damn high.
  • Rent is too damn high!
  • They are raisin' the rent to run you out.
  • They don't care.
  • Rent is too damn high.
  • Provide a roof over your head, food on your table, and money in your pocket.
  • Rent is too damn high!
  • If you wanna marry a shoe, Jimmy McMillan will do it for you.[4]

McMillan has been criticized as a one-issue candidate for his political stance. He rightfully denies this, as his position on civil liberties for footwear makes clear that he can have a cross-demographic appeal.

Is his rent too high?[edit]

No one really knows. The New York Times asked the question, to which he responded a number of different ways. He originally told the Journal earlier that he paid $800 a month in rent on his Nostrand Avenue apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He stated to the Times that he has paid no rent since the early 1980's after falling behind on his rent paid for by disability checks from the postal service. Largely because his landlord's family loves him, forgiving his past/future rent, as well as performing maintenance. He stated he did pay his son's $900 a month rent on a rent-stabilized apartment on St. Marks Place in the East Village.

When asked about it again, he stated "I didn't intend that to be a factual statement" "Don’t look for anything I say about my living space to be true".[5]