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John Alva Keel, born Alva John Kiehle, (March 25, 1930–July 3, 2009) was a noted American woo-ologist. He was the author of several works of fiction; however Jadoo, published in 1957, was the last of these to be honestly labeled as such. His later inventions, such as The Mothman Prophecies, are marketed as "true stories". In the mid-1960s he, along with Gray Barker, was one of the primary popularizers of the original men in black stories.

He was also a prominent UFO researcher throughout the 60s and one of the more prominent ones to reject an extraterrestrial explanation, preferring a more spiritual or psychic explanations. One of his theories was that UFOs were due to an advanced (possibly non-human) civilization that wasn't visiting Earth, but was in fact from Earth.


  • Jadoo (1957)
  • UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970)
  • Strange Creatures From Time and Space (1970)
  • Our Haunted Planet (1971)
  • The Flying Saucer Subculture (1973)
  • The Mothman Prophecies (1975)
  • The Eighth Tower (1975)
  • Disneyland of the Gods (1988)
  • The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings (1994) (revised version of Strange Creatures from Time and Space)
  • The Best of John Keel (Paperback 2006) (Collection of Keel's Fate Magazine articles)

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