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John Best

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I only live 2 hrs from him and have family there. Now I know how to track him down so I can punch him in the dick.
—Michele Pepin Ouellette, Voices for Vaccines[1]

John Best[note 1] (commonly known as John Best Junior/Jr.) is an American conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer hailing from Londonderry, New Hampshire. He is somehow the father of two sons — one high-support autistic boy, the other with Asperger syndrome (a type of autism).[2] Despite this, he is also the founder and operator of the offensively named blog Hating Autism, in which he denies autism's very existence, works to expose the gigantic conspiracy behind vaccination, and argues that the condition can be cured.[note 2] He has also spent considerable time doing what he, condescendingly enough, literally describes as "trying to talk sense to young people with Asperger's".[3]

Best is a tireless[4] utilizer[5] of the shill gambit whenever it suits him, accusing (among others) the neurodiversity movement of clearly being a Big Pharma front.[6] Best's idea being that anyone in their right mind would clearly wish for death, not acceptance, if they really turned out to be experiencing some form of neurological disability.

Vaccinations and autism[edit]

Autism is caused by Congress working together with vaccine manufacturers to damage the brains of babies with mercury. The object of this crime is merely to lower the IQs of the population by a few points to "dumb down" the masses so they won't revolt.
—John Best, writing in support of the crank-side of the Autism omnibus trial[7]

Best firmly believes that autism is the same thing as mercury poisoning.[8] He argues that mercury poisoning became a widespread problem with the invention and distribution of thimerosal. He supports this argument by pointing out that Leo Kanner,[9] the first man to write about autism, discovered the condition in 1943 — 12 years after vaccines were first preserved with thimerosal.[10] Best also believes that dental amalgam fillings are responsible for any autistic condition where it can be proven that a thimerosal-preserved vaccine was not given.[11]

Best claims that the accepted treatment for mercury poisoning is chelation, and he has used alpha-lipoic acidWikipedia (ALA) to treat his son. He claimed some immediate results[12][13] but this has not been medically verified. A possible alternative explanation is that the clearance of heavy metal poisoning in his son's intestines led to a subsequent reduction in sensory overload.[14] (Many autistic people have sensory sensitivities that can be irritating or painful.[15])

Best considers Mark Geier to be a hero, despite the fact that Geier's chelation efforts have resulted in his loss of license to practice medicine of any sort in several states for this practice.[16][17]

Best also subscribes to the idea that the "truth about autism" (his words) is being hidden. He claims that there is a record of a meeting in Simpsonwood in 1999Wikipedia where pharmaceutical companies agreed to continue to poison children with vaccines. He claims that at this meeting they admitted knowing about the link between thiomersal and autism but agreed to continue to use it. He also claims that all politicians around the world know this and are paid to stay quiet about it. He has called for the arrest of politicians by the FBI in the past.[18]

Autistic children are danger to society[edit]

The largest increase in these brain damaged kids happened among those born in 1991 when the HepB vaccine was initiated on the day of birth. They turned 21 this year. Millions more are quickly coming of age and I fully expect more crazed acts of violence from them. These kids are largely friendless, will probably never have consensual sex unless they pay a hooker and consider themselves rejects from society. Their lives are miserable. Sometimes they snap.

In a blog post titled Message to Psycho Killers with Asperger's Syndrome (emphasis not on "psycho killers"), Best proceeds to describe how any and all human beings — children and adults alike — who happen to have any type of Asperger syndrome intrinsically pose a literal physical threat, both to themselves and to society as a whole, since "they" are all — according to Best — in theory capable of simply running out of the energy it must surely take them to, as he imagines it, keep faking the existence of a human side to themselves.

In fact, research shows that people on the autism spectrum (both kids[19] and adults[20]) are less violent than non-autistics. (Why would an autistic person be mean and murder people when they could repetitively watch their favorite TV shows while eating cookies and rocking back and forth?[note 3] Rest assured, the biggest threat the average autistic person poses is to your pantry.)

General conspiracy mongering[edit]

The USA has been murdering babies, soldiers and senior citizens for a long time. They murder disabled people too. People who should be concerned about these things believe all of the lies that are told to them.
—John Best, Lucifer Wins (literally calling out the devil himself on his genocide conspiracy[21]

Best believes in the existence of the Illuminati,[22] and the Rothschild family conspiracy theory. Even his natural allies Age of Autism and Jenny McCarthy think he is a bit weird, and so he accused them of supporting the continued poisoning of children by doing nothing.[23][24]

Best has twice asked readers of his blog to vote for him as President of the United States as a write-in.[25][26][27][28] He has also tried the same stunt with the Senate at the mid-term elections.[29] He believes that the mainstream media is corrupt and won't give him a voice[30] so he totally relies on the Internet to get his message out. One of his policies is Free Homes for All,[31] along with other ridiculous claims.[32]

However, Best may well get his beans. He was subject to two defamation lawsuits as of December 2012, one from Australia and one from the United States.[33][34][35][36][37] On January 24 2013 the lawsuit from Australia was decided against Best.[38]

He may also have finally gone too far over the weekend of December 15 and 16, 2012, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. First he tried to use speculation that Adam Lanza had Asperger's syndrome to blame the leader of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, Ari Ne'eman, of effectively killing those kids by denying him a cure.[39] Then he attacked President Obama for not listening to him through a video he posted on YouTube a few years ago.[40] Finally he posted the same message on both of his blogs, calling everyone with Asperger's syndrome potential "psycho killers", and using this as a reason to force them to be "cured" via chelation.[41][42]

In September 2013, it was reported that Best left a comment on Jake Crosby's anti-vaccine website (apparently mistaking it for e-mail) which cited The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, among other things.

In late December 2014, Best advised the following when confronted with the 24 January 2013 decision;[43]

Just so people know who read this link, it never happened. It seems that Phil Gluyas made the whole thing up. No court ever ruled on a lawsuit against me. Phil or his pals wrote this mythical decision. No court ever notified me of anything except that Phil had filed his childish lawsuit. It was so stupid that I didn't take it seriously. No judge could be dumb enough to even hear this case.- John Best on his "John Best for NH Governor" page

As the Austlii website clearly indicates, the case was indeed heard and decided upon in the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia.

Political aspirations[edit]

Congress has been engaged in an act of war against our babies since 1999. Do you think I'm insane for making this statement or will you ask me questions to learn exactly how psychopathic our Congress is by engaging in this act?
—John Best, asking: won't anyone PLEASE think of the children?![44]

On several different occasions, John Best has indicated his interest in running for various political posts ranging from the President of the United States,[45][46] through the US Senate[47] and the position of Governor of his home state of New Hampshire.[48] On each occasion he has run his campaign entirely through the Internet, likely for fear of the 12th Protocol of the The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ("We control the press. Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control.") and as a "write in" candidate instead of formally registering.

John Best also started a petition in the form of a new Declaration of Independence.[49] On December 30 2014, this petition was deleted by the provider.

Arguing in terms of a Freeman-on-the-land supporter and opponent to an alleged Bankster takeover,[50] Best at one point (in equivalence to Canada's Kevin Annett) also claimed (in allcaps) to own the United States of America.[51]

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  1. Not to be mistaken with the American-based pizza chain John's Best, of which we're sure they don't appreciate the association.
  2. Curing a condition that doesn't exist is an amusing recreational impossibility that should be practised in the privacy of one's home rather than on the Web.
  3. This is what autistic RationalWiki editors tend to enjoy.


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