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Joshua Wong

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For freedom and democracy in Hong Kong... unless you're black and oppose my orange god!
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Joshua Wong or Wong Chi-fung (黃之鋒) (1996–) is a student activist and grifter in Hong Kong. He opposes the Chinese Communist Party's attempt to intervene in Hong Kong's politics in violation of "One country, two systems". However, he was shamefully silent about his own movement turning to the far-right and fell for far-right propaganda about Donald Trump.

In 2014, he led the Umbrella MovementWikipedia with Agnes Chow. He and Chou were teenagers then. He was the leader of the 2019 Hong Kong protestsWikipedia with Agnes Chou. He was named the 2014 Person of the Year by Time Magazine.[1] He, Chou, and three pro-democracy lawmakers were arrested[2] for scheduling a mass march that was deemed illegal by officials along with the ongoing mass protests.

He wants full democracy in Hong Kong and is appealing to the world not to turn a blind eye to Hong Kong's problems. But he turned a blind eye to Trump's trade negotiations with China, and worshipped him for passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy act in the United States while throwing actual pro-democracy champions like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren under the bus.

The anti-communist conservative wingnuts in some Western countries, including the United States,[Who?] also strongly advocate Joshua Wong as a champion of democracy and anti-communism, but catering to them in fact made him a naive fool. Although he expresses support for Greta Thunberg[3] and Black Lives Matter[4] on Twitter, the damage was done due to his grift, as well as his silence about his own movement's hatred towards these things, the waving of US and UK flags, and support for far right movements like QAnon and Falun Gong, which played into Beijing's hands. And who can forget the pro-democracy movement's now-defunct official newspaper - Apply Daily, paying big bucks to smear Hunter Biden two days before the US presidential election? As a result, the pro-democracy movement lost credibility once they moved to the far-right.

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