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KassieDill is a YouTube user. Since August 2010 she has posted to the site under the name LibertyChickLive. She is a Christian, but she also holds many other bizarre beliefs.

She is also a member of the Alliance of Christ, a YouTube base for homophobic Christians.


KassieDill holds a number of interesting beliefs. Apart from her religious beliefs, she has strong beliefs about gender roles. She thinks that women should neither vote nor work outside of the home, that the feminist agenda is to turn women into "whores," and that women should not preach the gospel or run for political office. She strongly opposes abortion and birth control. She believes that Planned Parenthood was founded on Nazi ideals and has the goal of "wiping the black population off the face of the earth."[1] She also claims that Margaret Sanger was a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan. On top of all this, she wants to find a guy who respects her opinion, but finds it difficult to find a man who respects these "traditional" values.

She does not support the struggle against homophobia.[2] She is against having homosexuality being presented in schools, and believes that teachers are teaching children to masturbate.

She does not believe that Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011, rather she believes that he died many years ago.[3]

She combines the above lunacy with more progressive opinions: she supports illegal immigrants and is pro-vegan.


Kassie Dill has made many bizarre comments in her videos, but her comments also reveal a lot about her.

@Curas1 - presidential hopeful ..PALIN? are u kidding me? i dont even consider her a real human ... let alone a real presidential canidate.... and as for the "woman" who got beaten up in the McDonalds... i was furious and outraged until i realized "she" was transgendered, then i didnt care at all. - that creature is still a man, and a man getting beaten up by two women doesnt make me feel bad at all, it just makes me think hes a loser.

@PluralOfEverything i dont have many ... my views are VERY similar to anarchy.

One time on a phone call with YouTuber homophobic bigot GodGunsGutsGlory (a member of the Alliance of Christ), she stated the following, "The issue should not be whether or not they [homosexuals] are allowed to marry, it should be whether or not they should be allowed to exist."[4]

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