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His avatar, a photoshopped Heinrich HeineWikipedia's W.svg. Heine was a poet, revolutionary, anti-nationalist, and liberal. Kraut and Tea is none of the above.
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Kraut and Tea is an angry Austrian man who had a YouTube channel.

As of June 2017, Kraut had over 120k subscribers and 8 million views.[1] He deleted all content on 19th December 2017.


Kraut wasn't particularly thrilled with Donald Trump winning the 2016 American presidential election, although he does believe it's "what America deserved".[2] He may be right on that point.

He supported same-sex marriage in Germany,[3] and condemns Islamic bigotry towards LGBT groups.[4]

Kraut has spoken against the alt-right,[5] white nationalism,[5][6] holocaust denial,[6] black supremacy,[7] and race realism.[8]

Anti-alt-right videos[edit]

Kraut had his fourth anti-alt-right video, "The Alt Right is too dumb for quantitative Genetics",[9][10] flagged and removed due to possibly hurting an alt-righter's feelings. Carl Benjamin mirrored his video, and was flagged also. [11][12]

Anti-Muslim bigotry[edit]

Beyond mere criticism of Islam, Kraut genuinely appears to hate Muslims:

I dance to the beautifull sound of muslims being bombed![13]
Good. I hope they kill as many muslims as they can![14]
Muslims are the most vile and disgusting antisemites on earth. Everytime one of those savages thinks he can lecture me, it reeks to the skys[15]

Anger issues[edit]

Kraut put out a long rant against @coherentstates,[16] repeatedly called her a "cunt", and told her to hang herself in great detail.[17]

Kraut has tweeted racial slurs out of spite.[18]

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