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Lance Welton[1] is a pseudonymous American white supremacist, sexist, misogynist, Islamophobe, homophobe, climate change denialist and conspiracy theorist who writes defamatory hit-piece articles for VDARE and The Unz Review[2] on individuals he labels SJWs (basically anyone who doesn't share his far-right extremist views).


Welton is a pseudonym and nothing is known about his real identity. At the end of some of his articles, he says:

Lance Welton [] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.[3]

The fact Emil Kirkegaard has lived in New York and Welton cites or references Kirkegaard in his articles a lot, while also attacking Kirkegaard's enemies (with Kirkegaard linking to Welton's hit-piece articles on Twitter[4]) has led some to ponder if Welton is Kirkegaard, although this remains speculative.

Racist, sexist and pseudoscience beliefs[edit]


See the main article on this topic: Islamophobia

Welton wants to halt Muslim immigration to Western countries and claims it is impossible to be both a Muslim and an American:

You cannot be a Somali-American, because to be an “American” involves rejecting pretty[sic] everything that could possibly be associated with Somalia. Even being a Muslim-American, when the U.S. is under attack from Muslim terrorists and when Americans are overwhelmingly Christian, is pretty much impossible. The inescapable conclusion: we now have people in Congress whose loyalty to America is questionable for sound reasons.[5]


A week after the Christchurch terrorist attacks, Welton wrote a distasteful article sympathetic to the terrorist's white nationalism ideology and criticised New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda ArdernWikipedia for being a multiculturalist and for having worn a hijab (to show solidarity with the victims who were Muslim).

The rest of the article is a vile sexist rant:

Jacinda Ardern is a living, weeping embodiment of the problem of politics becoming too female dominated, especially by feminine females, as in the U.S. Democratic Party today..

She is making political decisions are[sic] made based on empathy for the invader for whom she has an unhealthy level of trust, on the value of cohesion at any cost, and on anxiety-induced emotions.[6]

Welton is an anti-feminist and claims to support a patriarchal society.[7]

In his sexist rants there's also detectable misogyny and one gets the impression that he's an incel.


Welton is against LGBT, for example describing lesbians as "masculinized females" and complaining that the Democratic Party is "tipped to gays".[8]

In another article, Welton posts transphobia:

They are men with very serious mental problems. No society should allow madmen—for that is what transsexual males are—to dictate its social policies, let alone (looking at you, Twitter) its codes of speech.[9]

The Great Replacement[edit]

Welton is a proponent of The Great Replacement and white genocide conspiracy theories popular among the far-right.

One of his VDARE articles is titled: "It’s Official: Europeans (Such As Macron’s Voters In France) Have a Genetic Death Wish."[10]

Like the alt-right in general, Welton is heavily critical of voluntary childlessness[11] and wants especially white people to breed more.

Climate change denial[edit]

Welton scores 4/10 on the climate change denial staircase, in other words he's pretty crazy:

Let's be clear, first of all, that the Climate Change Movement is very far from being motivated purely by reason. The movement is marred by concocted and manipulated data, alarmist and false predictions, the rampant persecution of dissenting scientific voices, constant fallacious appeals to authority ("the vast majority of scientists accept…") and the wilful ignoring of the realistic possibility that our climate increase is more parsimoniously explained by sun spot activity than human activity, even if human behavior is playing some part.[12]

He bizarrely claims anyone who accepts scientific consensus of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is somehow "promoting the empowerment of non-white nations over white ones, starkly reveals climate activism to be a branch of the prevailing multiculturalism dogma."

Race and intelligence[edit]

See the main article on this topic: race and intelligence

Welton supports the hereditarianism pseudoscience theories of Richard Lynn and J. Philippe Rushton.[13][14] Like Rushton, he argues that IQ differences between populations are 80% genetic and 20% environmental and for this reason has claimed certain non-white races such as Australian aborigines aren't capable of building a civilisation like white people:

An IQ of below 70, in Western countries, has you classified as mentally retarded. So, the average 18-year-old Aborigine has the mental age of 11…

Of course, it will be obvious to readers why none of the policies work: they assume that Aborigine disadvantage is environment. But it’s clearly significantly genetic—intelligence is about 80% genetic.

The Booker Prize-winning Australian novelist Peter Carey has stated that, as an Australian, 'You wake up in the morning and you are the beneficiary of genocide.'" [Guardian November 17, 2017]. But in reality, it is the Aborigines who should wake up in the morning and realise that they are the beneficiaries of a society and economy that they could never have created on their own.[15]

One of his racist pseudoscience beliefs is Australian aborigine tribes have an average IQ of only 64, and countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, a mean IQ of 70. This IQ data from Lynn (and used by Rushton), has been discredited for its confirmation bias (such as cherry-picking sources), manipulation and using a unsystematic methodology.[16][17][18][19]

Mixed-race people[edit]

Welton wrote an offensive article on VDARE critical of mixed-race people, citing Emil Kirkegaard:

Danish blogger and genetics researcher Emil Kirkegaard has brought together all the known studies on the relationship between being mixed-race and mental health. Kirkegaard points out the studies' findings of elevated levels of suicide, hyper-sexuality, depression, and problem drinking among mixed-race people. [Is miscegenation bad for your kids? by Emil Kirkegaard, Clear Language, Clear Mind, April 1, 2017] He argues that genetic diversity is only good up to a point. Thereafter the alleles are not meant to go together. In extreme cases, you get sterile offspring, such as Ligers.[20]

According to Welton, mixed race individuals in cereal adverts: "should be more realistically used to advertise mental health services than Cheerios."

Hit-piece writer[edit]

And London Student went for guilt by association too, reporting that one of the speakers—an eccentric Dane called Emil Kirkegaard—had blogged, in 2012, that it might be ethically acceptable to allow paedophiles to have sex with sleeping children, so long as the children never knew of it and it didn't harm them. Leftist philosophers, it failed to mention, get away with such utilitarian thought experiments all the time. [The ethics of pedophilia, By Ole Martin Moen, Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics (2015), 9 (1), 111–124]

Welton is an attack dog for white nationalist eugenicist Emil Kirkegaard and has written several articles on VDARE attacking alleged SJWs who have criticised Kirkegaard's controversial writings on paedophilia, and the London Conference on Intelligence; this includes making up smears about them and doxing their parents and house addresses.[21][22]

Since Welton is far-right, his definition of SJW covers almost the entire political spectrum, therefore his articles on VDARE label political centrists and even many conservatives (whom he calls "cuckservatives") as Social Justice Warriors.