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League of Reason

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The League of Reason, established 2009, is a multi-author blog written by a collection of highly motivated people, and a community forum, blog and chatroom designed to promote discourse on topics such as belief, religion and science. The founder was a well known YouTube user by the name of AndromedasWake, and has been crafted into its current form (including all graphics) by CosmicSpork.

Their LeagueOfReason YouTube channel is the primary place to find highlights from the League of Reason Show, a fortnightly panel-based discussion show which began in June of 2010. The Show was started by several members of League of Reason, including its founder, as a spin-off aimed at promoting discussion and debate in a different medium.

Contrary to the opinions of some, League of Reason is not an organization and does not have any set policy or ideological stance. It is simply an open forum whose founders and moderators are committed to protecting the voice of reason from being censored. Initially, the site was set up as a discussion forum to combat a plague of censorship against proponents of science and skepticism, orchestrated by a number of religious YouTube users. Their tactics included the employment of votebots (software designed to autonomously lower the ratings of videos) and the filing of false DMCA claims in an effort to have critical material removed from the site.

The forum proved to be a successful and popular resource, not only for fighting censorship, but also for the discussion of a wide variety of topics. It flourished into a strong community for like-minded people all over the world.

In the fall of 2011, a group of users dug out the old YouTube channel and started a podcast called "The League Of Reason presents..." The podcast is a half to one hour long discussion by various members on a variety of topics, with guests joining the discussion on occasion. The LoR presents is in no way related to the earlier LoR show, it merely uses its YouTube channel.

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