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Lee Doren is an American attorney and online political activist who promotes a libertarian-leaning Republican ideology. He was known as the director of Bureaucrash (a project by the Competitive Enterprise Institute) until 2011,[1][2] and posts videos on the YouTube channel HowTheWorldWorks (not to be confused with the commercial edutainment site, HowStuffWorks).

Political activism[edit]

Doren's online activity began on the free market blog Copious Dissent, where he posted as "Devil's Advocate." There he wrote about a wide range of topics, including the free market, politicians, environmentalism, and evolution.

Eventually Doren decided to expand his blog into YouTube and he created the account Advocate1234.

HowTheWorldWorks eventually branched off as a distinct channel with the same basic goals as Copious Dissent. The channel bears the tagline "Hear the news and learn what the experts are not telling you." In other words, he knows what millions of others are covering up all around the world. (This is never a good sign.)

In a 2011 video,[3] Lee explained that he used to be a liberal member of an environmental lobbying organisation, though his views became more conservative as he got older, in typical ad hominem.

In the media[edit]

Doren has been featured as a guest speaker on Fox News's Glenn Beck show.[4]

Political views[edit]

Doren is a hardcore libertarian; favorite targets of his include environmental regulation, global warming, the liberal media, and the great evils of big government. Doren appears to be neutral on abortion, pro-gay marriage[5], and against the war on drugs[6] and is known to support the death penalty (in contrast to many libertarians).

While Doren accepts that evolution is fact, he claims he is not particularly worried about creationism being imposed in classrooms, and believes that creationist politicians often do less harm than politicians he doesn't like.[7]

YouTube drama[edit]

Lee has been known to block YouTube users who present evidence that oppose his video statements.

Doren had a spat with Thunderf00t; the conflict originated when Thunderf00t featured a video by another user which accused Doren of using sockpuppet accounts to boost his subscriber count. In the video, a user discovered close to 500 accounts had subscribed to HTWW (and a few other channels) but had no other activity. In response, Doren posted a video denying the sockpuppet allegations and demanding the removal of Thunderf00t's featured video, citing that he would take "further action" if Thunderf00t didn't comply. Thunderf00t (of course) essentially told Doren to "go fuck himself."

Doren also had a squabble with another YouTube user (and ACLU member) LiberalViewer, where he made a series of videos asserting that "LiberalViewer distorts the facts." He does this with everyone he disagrees with.

As of June 14, 2011, Doren has also turned to ebegging, placing a PayPal link in every video description. He claims the donations support his channel's costs, despite being a YouTube partner, a lawyer and having a job at the CEI.[8]

Story of Stuff[edit]

Doren's "critique"[9] of the "The Story of Stuff" by environmental activist Annie Leonard landed him an interview with Glenn Beck[10]. However, there have been other analyses that don't engage in copious amounts of red-baiting.

Please Enroll Responsibly: Avoiding Indoctrination at College[edit]

In this book, Lee says "Marx Seriously is a course taught at Amherst College. In this Marxist course, students learn that Karl Marx was really a great guy whose ideas were misunderstood. Too bad 100 million people were killed trying to implement his ideas. I guess it was a slight mishap?" The claim that this is taught at Amherst College is just an outright lie. In fact, the only courses in which Marx are a central theme is Black Marxism, which merely traces in historical perspective the relationship between Black radicalism and Marxist thought,[11] and one from 2009 called Taking Marx Seriously, which discusses whether Marx needs talking about any more.[12]

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