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Martin Smith

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Martin Smith is a far-left British campaigner. He is a national officer of Unite Against Fascism and national coordinator of Love Music Hate Racism.

In 2010 he was convicted of assaulting a police officer during an anti-BNP protest the previous year.[1]

He was once national secretary of the Socialist Workers Party until January 2011; according to Andy Newman of the Socialist Unity blog, he was forced to step down after sexually harassing a female SWP member.[2]

Socialist Workers Party Central Committee departure[edit]

In January 2013 a scandal broke out within the party when it was revealed that he had been accused of rape and sexual assault, and that the SWP held a hearing itself (finding him not guilty) rather than reporting him to the authorities.[3][4][5]

The incident prompted a bizarre rant from Gilad Atzmon, who claimed that Smith was being victimised by a "Judeocentric tribal coalition" because he has supported Atzmon in the past.[6]

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