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Maximized Living

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Maximized Living is an organization of Christian chiropractors who advise on nutrition and exercise to maximize your health.


The organization is led by two Doctors, with a network of over 1000 providers. Dr Ben Lerner, Dr Ben Loman and their wives Dr Sheri Lerner and Dr. Maryella Loman.


They have 5 essentials for good health which are:

  • Maximized mind, focusing on time management and stress reduction.
  • maximized nerve supply
  • maximized quality nutrition
  • maximized oxygen and lean muscle
  • minimized toxins


  • "In order to maximize nerve supply, it requires spinal correction." which is not a big surprise for a group of chiropractors.
  • "Maximized Living will show you that cancer's cause is actually it's cure... "


A book on maximized living , Body by God: The Owners Manual for Maximized Living by Ben Lerner, explains the basic beliefs of the group.

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