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Megan Fox wondering, "Where could the transitional forms be?"
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Megan Fox (not the actressWikipedia) is a young Earth creationist YouTube vlogger and mother who unfortunately homeschools her children. She became mildly (in)famous after making a video in which she walked around the Chicago Field Museum ranting about how the exhibits on evolution should show actual evidence for evolution[1] while, with no sense of irony, walking past all of the fossilized transitional forms on display.[2]

Stupidity on display[edit]

In her most famous video, Megan Fox goes around an exhibit on evolution in the Chicago Field Museum. Things get off to a flying start when she reveals that she has never heard the word 'eukaryoteWikipedia' before. Things got even better as she asks how scientists know what happened billions of years ago.[3] Fox makes claims later in the video that she saw the skull of a dragon; the fact that the scientist called it Dracorex hogwartsia (get it? Draco? Hogwarts?) was just evidence that there is some scientific conspiracy to cover up the evidence supporting evolution. Furthermore some blurry cave paintings of what are allegedly dinosaurs prove that evolution is a hoax. And dragons.

In another recent video Megan Fox travels to the Chicago Brookfield Zoo and films an exhibit on water conservation that was apparently offensive to her.[4] According to Fox, the exhibit was designed to make people feel guilty about being people, not to help people conserve water and avoid waste.

Astonishingly, she had the gall to write for PJ Media back in 2012 a listicle, "8 Reasons Homeschooling Is Superior to Public Education", presenting all sorts of fallacies like the false dilemma between local first graders "coming home from school demanding pop star posters and iTunes" and her children listening to "classical music, Broadway favorites, and Christian music." Fox also asserted, "public school can literally kill your child," based on instances when bullied children commit suicide.[5]

A staggering number of FOIA requests[edit]

Megan Fox wanted to use the library computers in the children's section. Unfortunately for her the library refused to let her do so and Fox was unwilling to go to the adult section of the library because she alleges that people watch pornography on the computers in that section. Fox and a friend filed over 130 FOIA requests to the Orland Public Library, some objectively frivolous (why does such and such dress like Santa Claus?), some not (related to the library's alleged violation of the Illinois open meetings statute). The library is required by law to respond to every request, although it is permitted to respond that it will not comply with the request and it is permitted to charge the requestor for copying charges and up to $10 an hour for employee time devoted to responding to the request. Nonetheless, the library claims to have hired two full time employees to handle Fox's FOIA requests.[6] To date, Fox's FOIA requests cost the library over $125,000.[7]

Stopped clock[edit]

On her channel Megan Fox often does a book review segment. Surprisingly she actually approaches something resembling sanity in these segments. In her review on Harry Potter she actually told other Fundamentalist Christian parents that they should let their children read it.[8] However, she also recommends Ben Carson's book.