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A mentalist is an honest "psychic". Examples include Derren Brown, Mark Edward, Dunninger, Kreskin, Jan Hellesøe, and, arguably of late, Uri Geller.[1]

Mentalists will not only do cold reading for money, they'll tell you they're doing it and you'll still be impressed. More often than not, mentalists tend to be even better than "real" psychics - and have a tendency to piss them off too. Derek Acorah, a bleached-blond oddball from the UK, is supposedly less than impressed with Derren Brown; numerous rumours have circulated that one of them has challenged the other to do what they do but better, although neither have really said this publicly.

Like magicians, they are frequently sceptics who get very annoyed at people who claim to be doing this stuff for really real as opposed to acknowledging it's a trick.

Psych The Mentalist is also a somewhat interesting TV show about, well, a mentalist.


  1. Uri Geller only makes it onto the list after NBC applied some "friendly persuasion" before he signed the contract to make Phenomenon.