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Michael A. Hoffman, II (born 1957) is an American author, Holocaust denier, conspiracy theorist, and general wingnut. He is also a self-described scholar of all things "Judaic" (as he calls the Jews).[please explain]


Born in New York, in 1954, Hoffman was scared by a Talmud when he was a kid, and has never looked back since. In 2000, he wrote Judaism's Strange Gods, followed in 2008 by Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, and Deceit. Hoffman's works are a reflection of the idea that if you look for dirt, you're likely to find some. He also shows his desire to welcome Jews into the healing light of Christ. This is accomplished by ripping into their religion for about a thousand pages and showing them that everything they believe in is twisted and wrong. It's basically the same thing as the vicious Easter speeches delivered by Church friars, with the same goal (converting Jews). History tells us this worked spectacularly failed miserably, and it looks like Mr. Hoffman's work has achieved the same result: converting Jews making them more distrustful of Christians.

Hoffman's other works cover such myriad topics as the occult origins of Judaism, Masonry, and Route 66. He has also written on Holocaust denial, and White SlaveryWikipedia's W.svg. This gives one the sense that he is rather touched in the head.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, he is still publishing.

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