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Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) aka the King of Pop was an extremely popular, extremely eccentric, and extremely rich American singer–songwriter and entertainer. He dominated pop charts during the 1980s and 1990s. His death almost broke the Internet.[1][2]

Accusations of child molestation[edit]

Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation on multiple occasions. He reportedly served a drink to children which he called "jesus juice". It was also alleged that Jackson slept in a bed with these children. Jackson was found not guilty, but multiple jurors later said they had made the wrong decision.[3] However, most Michael Jackson fans say that this is purely some scam used to get money from him, and that these guys never met Michael Jackson, and that the rumor is not true at all.[4][5]


For a while, he was married to Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis' daughter). How scientological he was is anyone's guess.

Jackson also fell into the clutches of Uri Geller, the spoon bender. And was known to have at least dabbled in oxygen therapy.[6]

In a particularly sickening scene, Jackson pretended to be Jesus at the Brit Awards, posing in a crucifixion scene with small children around him. Until Jarvis Cocker put pay to the stunt.

Off the wall[edit]

At least for some time after his death, tons of fans believed that he was still alive and in hiding.[7] Among more deranged 'professional' conspiracy theorists, there seems to be a consensus that Jackson was murdered by the Illuminati.[8][9][10] Combine the two and you'll have conspiracy-savvy fans who believe Jackson faked his death to 'escape' the Illuminati.[11] Other conspiracy theorists, the more conservative, argue that Jackson was a pawn/false idol of the Illuminati and that the Illuminati used his death to divert people's attention from more important issues, as they do with the death of every big-name celebrity.

According to "VigilantCitizen," a prominent Illuminati-conspiracy blogger, Jackson was becoming increasingly outspoken on the shady dealings of the music industry in his last years. "Indeed, it seems the man who was the ultimate Illuminati slave was attempting to break free."[12]

Of course, some would have you believe that, like Elvis, he ain't dead at all.[13]

Videos have been going around on Youtube about a "phone call" Michael Jackson had with a friend of his.[14] The call is alleged to have been made the night before his death, and is interpreted by Conspiracy Theorists to be Michael knowing he was going to be killed (although they don't need something minor as a phone call to already work that out).[15] Some believe Paris Jackson's suicide attempt was a way to warn people about the Illuminati. [16][17]

There have been multiple of "Sightings" of Michael Jackson since his death.[18]

There have been multiple by twoofers that Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's daughter, shortly after attempting suicide, that she was using her twitter account and Instagram to warn people about the Illuminati.[19] This caused Paris to tell people that she does not use any social media.[20]

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