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Minnesota Forward

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Minnesota Forward is a "pro-business" political action group funded by locally-based corporations, established "to ensure that private-sector job creation and economic growth are at the top of the agenda during the 2010 campaign."[1] Their mission statement says that "MN Forward is an effort by Minnesota job providers to elect a governor and state legislators who understand the importance of creating private-sector jobs and economic opportunity in our state."[2] Their specific program for carrying this out is to slash the corporate tax rate and cut social services to match.[3] (Translation: "Our backers want more money.")

As of late summer 2010, they were supporting a ticket that, while bipartisan, is headed by Tom Emmer, Republican gubernatorial candidate, homophobe and all-around kook.[4]

Controversy over donations[edit]

In July 2010, as the result of a newly passed, bipartisan campaign disclosure law, it was revealed that Target Corporation and Best Buy (both Minnesota-based corporations) gave $150,000 and $100,000 respectively to Minnesota Forward. These funds were subsequently spent on Tom Emmer campaign ads. This provoked some controversy and appalled the locals, especially in the case of Target, well-known for being a gay-friendly company. Various boycotts have been proposed and enacted, leading to Target issuing many apologies.[5] It has not, however, gone so far as to donate an equal $150,000 to, for example, GLAAD or the Gay-Straight Alliance Network.

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