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Model minority

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Hating thy neighbour
Divide and conquer

Model minority is an American forum for people of East Asian descent, with the slogan "Empowering Asian America since 1999". Originally created to counter racism, the end result is like so many other forums for people who are "proud of their race": a cesspit of bigotry.

The members' hatred is primarily directed at white people, known as YT ("whitey", geddit?). As is often the case with racists, there's a sexual side to the bigotry: Above all, they hate white men who "take" Asian feeemales (or AFs) "away"(Gasp!) from them. Asian women who have interracial relations with white men are dubbed SOWs, standing for "sellout whores".[1]

The forumgoers also hate Jews (yup; first the white supremacists, then the black supremacists and now the Asian supremacists as well. Here's to you, Tom Lehrer): "As many of you know, the jew owns hollywood and fills us 24/7 with the idea that AFs belong to YT", says member "rickli". "We need to take over hollywood and put a final solution in place to deal with the way we have been treated by this bloodthirsty parasite known as the jew." He illustrates his point with an A. Wyatt Mann cartoon attacking "drug-addled Jew faggots". Most of the people in the thread agree with him.[2]

Model minority contains a few subforums devoted to the media: books,[3] television,[4] movies,[5] music [6] and Asian American media portrayals.[7] These boards consist in large part of thread after thread complaining about any media portrayal that views Asians unfavorably with interracial pairings being the most common.[8][9][10]

According to a supposed former member:[11]

The forums only had two (surprisingly rational) mods who have a policy that's suppose[d] to protect free speech (in other words, they rarely do anything) and the original owner lost interest a long time ago which certainly explains the lack of quality control. They easily get trolled resulting in bigots arguing with bigots.

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