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Mr. Atheist

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Jimmy Snow, better known by his pseudonym Mr. Atheist, is a popular atheist YouTube vlogger, commentator, and human rights activist who has been active since early 2018.[1] Most of his videos are critical commentaries of other YouTube videos made by deeply religious and bigoted YouTubers, but he will occasionally speak of other issues, such as politics. As of June 12, 2019, Mr. Atheist has over 195,000 subscribers.

Personal life[edit]

Mr. Atheist grew up in the southern United States, and was a deeply religious Mormon throughout the first twenty years of his life. He has stated that he had very bigoted views during his Mormon days, which were mostly influenced by religious brainwashing.

Mr. Atheist identifies as pansexual. He prefers his new initialism "GRSM" (standing for "gender/romantic/sexual minorities") over LGBT(QIA+), because he feels it is more inclusive and more appropriately describes the community.