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Mysticalforest, whose real name is Nick (aka "Illiterate Nick"), is an American YouTube user, as well as a right-wing Republican and a Christian young earth creationist. He is a fan of American football and a regular watcher of Fox News, which he appears to hold in equal regard to the Bible (in fairness, so do many in the reality-based community, though the level of regard they hold both in is markedly different). Like most people of his political persuasion, he believes that liberals are wicked dumb communists, and opposes president Barack Obama (being a birther), health care reform, illegal immigration, global warming, environmentalism, and the suggestion that America is not a Christian nation. He upholds a conservative fear spilled by Fox News and Glenn Beck that progressives are pushing America away from the Constitution that will result in the loss of certain rights.

His videos mainly address religion, politics, and science. His main source for politics are clips of Glenn Beck or Fox News. When dealing with science, he provides no references to his claims that creationism has tons of evidence. He does not trust scientists, claiming their tests and documented data are just "ideas and opinions," thus he does not listen to scientists addressing biology or climate change. Unfortunately, Nick thinks Glenn Beck is a scientist and is well informed about climate change.

Nick does not accept the Big Bang Theory, claiming it is just an unsupported speculative idea.

Like any creationist, he misunderstands evolution and calls it a "fairy tale" because there is no evidence for it anywhere. He is greatly opposed to the majority of Christians who accept evolution. He thinks Charles Darwin was a bigoted racist and Adolf Hitler based his ideology on evolution. According to him, the fossil record is not proof for evolution, since it is just "a bunch of dead animals." He calls supporters of evolution "monkeys because they think they came from apes." He is scientifically illiterate and dismisses evidence pointed out certain fossils that prove evolution beyond a shadow of doubt. Nick claims scientists cannot prove certain fossils like Lucy (australopithecus afarensis) could not walk upright, but YouTube user Lithodidman proved that Lucy did walk upright by showing the foramen magnum of several skulls that shows which ones walked upright or not. Lucy's skull shows that she did walk upright.[1] Unfortunately, Nick continues to dismiss the evidence off hand, and yet he still goes to the hospital for medical treatment that has been developed by biologists and shops at the grocery store to buy food that has been biologically engineered thanks to evolutionary understanding.

Unknown to Nick, the "fairy tale of evolution" has actually been very beneficial for society. As Lithodidman pointed out Norman Borlaug is credited for saving over a billion hungry people by genetically altering wheat to be mass produced with increased resistant to insects, droughts, flooding, cold, longer growing season, etc. -all this done by his knowledge and understanding of evolution and genetics. Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. His achievement is greater than that of any church ever provided for mankind, all thanks to evolution. And yet, Nick is more than willing to deny this and push it aside.

He believes that atheists (among whose number he counts Adolf Hitler) are all liberals, lost lowlifes, and intellectual underachievers. He also believes that Muslims are satanic, and is much opposed to Park51.

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