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Naoki Hyakuta(百田 尚樹) (1956-) is a Japanese far-right author, and a former NHKWikipedia's W.svg Executive Committee.

He is an anti-Chinese and anti-Korean bigot, and he is a negationist.

He has a considerable public popularity in Japan, and is also frequently seen in mainstream broadcasting and mass media. If it were the U.S. or Europe, it would be unimaginable.

Shinzo Abe is a favourite reader of Naoki Hyakuta.


In 2006, he published the Military novel Eien no Zero (永遠の0).

In 2016 he published the book Kaeru no Rakuen (カエルの楽園). This book is bigoted against Chinese people.

His latest book, a history of Japan published in 2018, was discovered to contain fictitious statements as well as plagiarism from sources such as Wikipedia articles,[1] the latter being admitted by the author himself.[2]

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