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I did not have a sexual conversation with that girl.
—NephilimFree, impersonating Bill Clinton[1]

NephilimFree, (Evan Philips in the real world),[2] is a dude who runs a YouTube channel on which he posts anti-evolution rants.

His name is a reference to the Nephilim mentioned in the Bible, referring to the fact that he is "free" of the genetic and moral taint of the Nephilim. He apparently chose his name because he only has five fingers instead of six, and having six fingers would mean he was descended from fallen angels.[3] He seems to fail to realize that "nephilim" is only the plural. The way such phrases are usually constructed, his name really ought to be "NephilFree;" his chosen name is the rough equivalent of "AliensFree."

In addition to being a fundamentalist, NephilimFree was a geocentrist, supporting the idea that the Earth is immobile and is in the center of the universe.[4][5][6] But now NephilimFree is rejecting any claim that he ever called himself a geocentrist, while accusing atheists of contriving misleading accusations against him.[7] NephilimFree possibly rejected the claim that he called himself a geocentrist out of fear of sounding insane for holding such primitive beliefs. He got into trouble over a challenge to participate in debate against an atheist when DonExodus2 took up the offer. NephilimFree first disagreed lengthily about who would be the moderator. When the debate should have taken place, NephilimFree turned up far too late.

NephilimFree is known for blocking other YouTubers from commenting on his channel just because they are atheists (or just because they disagree with him at all), and for sending nonsensical legal threats to YouTubers who dare to post videos critical of him. For example, YouTuber "NephilimFreeFree" created a channel critical of NephF, and received multiple abusive emails from NephF, threatening to sue him and end his career in the military.


NephilimFree apparently has no scientific training. According to him, he's an ex-professional photographer trained in the New York Institute of Photography.[4]

Otherwise, he's a self-proclaimed autodidact who studied on-line by looking at, mostly, YouTube videos for two years. During this time, he admits, he converted very quickly to creationism.

He has no training in theology either; it is God who told him to do YouTube videos about creationism.[8]


NephilimFree holds many bizarre and ridiculous beliefs.

He is first and foremost known as a young Earth creationist: he claims that 18th century Humanists adopted the theory of evolution because they rejected Christian moral values, and that modern science has somehow discredited evolution.[9] He believes that all creatures were created by God, that Noah's Ark and the global flood literally happened, that Jesus rose from the dead, and many other Biblical stories. He believes that the water that caused the Flood came from beneath the earth's crust, which burst through the rock due to pressure. So powerful was the blast that the water escaped from Earth's atmosphere, and was launched into space where it froze and hit the moon, causing all the craters on the moon's surface. On YouTube, this has been parodied as NephF's Lunar bukkake theory.

NephilimFree is a geocentrist, believing the Earth to be the center of the universe. He has denied this, making it seem like it was an invention by "atheist punks."[10] However, several videos on YouTube explicitly show that he did indeed call himself a geocentrist,[10] which has been compared to Ray Comfort's response when it was pointed out to him that his banana fallacy was complete bullshit.

NephilimFree believes in aliens, claiming that God revealed the "truth" to him, but he thinks that aliens are fallen angels and that the Nephilim mentioned in the Bible were the hybrid offspring of aliens and human women. He describes there being three types (or "kinds") of aliens:

  1. the alien gray (a hybrid of human and mantis)
  2. the reptilian alien (a hybrid of human and reptile)
  3. the black dwarf alien (a hybrid of man and ape, possibly chimpanzee)

(Note: Humans ARE apes by definition).

NephilimFree claims to have personally seen, engaged in contact with, and experienced these creatures, and all the while describes himself as "a sane, highly intelligent person with a grasp of reality" (but we will let you be the judge of that). He says that the Bible describes these aliens, and that they came to earth after being cast out of Heaven and bred with humans to create a population of giants. In the future, he says, the aliens plan to come to earth and deceive us, to take us into perdition. [11][12][13] He does not believe in Hell, holding it to be an ancient Dianic Catholic conspiracy to turn people away from God by making him look "more wicked than Joseph Stalin, and Hitler, and Mao Tse-Tsung, the Butcher of Baghdad, all of 'em, combined"[14], ignoring that the global flood he so often "proves" does just that.

A certain video on YouTube showed that NephilimFree believes autism is a belief in Auts.[15]

Finally, NephilimFree firmly believes that the End Times are coming soon. He is positive that the "Anti-Christ" will come one day, claim to be our savior and creator (and that people everywhere will fall for the lie), take control of the world, and promote everything that is evil. Only the Christians will refuse to accept this character and his evil acts and lies, and in so doing all the Christians will be dragged from the streets and be executed. NephF believes this Anti-Christ will claim to be a higher intelligence from another world.[16]

Naughty NephF[edit]

In November 2010, NephilimFree posted a video entitled "Thunderf00t Will You Chicken Out" in which he flicked between web pages inadvertently allowing his favorites to be viewed briefly. A video by YouTube user chattiestspike2 exposed a certain link in the list of NephF's favorites -- "San Francisco Independent Escorts in California". He quickly deleted the video and reposted it with the favorites re-edited and lied about the reason. YouTube users had already copied the video however and several of them quickly posted videos mocking or parodying him. [17]

NephF does have a history of excessive flirting, well, blurring the line between flirting and extremely creepy behaviour. In June 2011, a conversation between NephF and a female moderator in Shockofgod's chatroom was leaked, and a video was subsequently released and mirrored across YouTube — this was despite legal threats by NephilimFree to prevent the release of the information. The conversation was pretty lurid and, while slightly tame in content, merely imagining it as NephilimFree makes it cringe-worthy to watch. (He likes to be petted, apparently.[1])

Is he gone?[edit]

On July 19, 2011, NephilimFree's friend Micah1116 posted a video on both his and NephilimFree's accounts saying that his computer broke and he will not be able to post anymore.[18][dead link] Micah appears to now have full control of NephilimFree's account as he has posted several comments using it. NephilimFree came back to Youtube a few months later and can occasionally be seen in Shockofgod's chatroom.

NephilimFree was seen debating on Discord in July 2020[19]


There’s no doubt that Neph has a lot of free time promoting creationism. Not only is he delusional, but is obsessed with evolution as well. This is shown in his abnormally long videos. 11 out of 14 videos he uploaded in April 2016 were over two hours long, with the longest one being a grueling 8 hours long[20].

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