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Reece Heinen,[1][2] better known as Nightmare Fuel, is a YouTube talker who attacks religion and non-liberalism. Unlike most YouTube "skeptics", Heinen has been critical of both left-wingers,[3] right-wingers,[4][5] and libertarians.[6]

As of November 2017, Heinen's channel had over 7,000 subscribers and 800,000 views.[7]

Political views[edit]

Dave Rubin[edit]

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Your show exists for conservative confirmation bias. No one evwr[sic] thought this was a free speech platform where every view would get a go.

Heinen is a harsh critic of Dave Rubin. Heinen attacks Rubin's apologetics for Donald Trump,[9][10][11] libertarian views,[12][13] and his lack of commitment to atheism.[14]


Heinen firmly says that Hillary Clinton would've been better than Trump[15] (a highly controversial view among YouTube "skeptics").

Rebel Media[edit]

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Rebel Media is the TYT of the right. The problem is as now the only people calling them out are @thunderf00t and myself.

Heinen is a harsh critic of Rebel Media. He accuses them of "smearing" individuals[17][18][19] as well as responding to their arguments.[20][21][22]

Men's rights[edit]

Heinen says he's perfectly happy to be called an MRA on many issues, but not however when the subject is the Honey Badgers, whom he accuses of being "Islam apologists".[23]

Religious views[edit]

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Heinen is a strong supporter of antitheism.[24][25][26][27]