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Emerican Johnson, known as NonCompete,[1] is a left-wing anarcho-communist feminist YouTuber and blogger whose channel has 58,000 subscribers and 3.4 million views as of June 2019.[2] NonCompete's channel is considered to be part of the "BreadTube" community, so called because of the fundamental belief in the "Bread Book",[3] a colloquial term for The Conquest of Bread by Pyotr Kropotkin.[4] All Breadtubers are big fans of Kropotkin because he is considered to be the father of anarcho-communism and he wrote the bread book. NonCompete was originally a radical right-wing libertarian, but became disillusioned with what he terms American capitalist-imperialism.[1] NonCompete makes videos primarily focused on explaining anarchism, anti-capitalism, and leftism.

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