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Original position fallacy

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The original position fallacy, suggested by the philosopher John RawlsWikipedia (1921–2002), states that the only fair laws are those passed from a hypothetical position of ignorance of how one would stand in the new situation. Basically, it assumes that when someone advocates for an action as a societal change, because s(he) thinks that will be among the benefited for said action, up to the ones who are in charge, and not in those on the losing side. Of course things in the real world would probably be very different.


This fallacy is used extensively by neoreactionaries, communists, and certain libertarians who support a revolution to change the social order to the one they prefer, ignoring that, in the first two cases, they could well be the first ones put against the wall if such a revolution succeeded, and in the third case, they could well end up at the bottom for a variety of reasons, with no social-safety net to help them.

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