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Oval Bible College

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Oval Bible College is a creationist diploma mill based in Lake Charles, Louisiana that operates a distance learning web site. They offer a range of low cost, fake degrees from the associate to doctoral level. Oval Bible College has no classes or faculty. Course material consists of PDF files sent to the student.[1]

Oval Bible College claims accreditation from the National Bible College Association, an accreditation mill. To sum this scam college- if you want an education from a religious school, look elsewhere. Now if you want a quick route to a doctoral degree, try the Universal Life Church Seminary; same educational value and not as expensive!

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  1. Oval Bible College Catalog, 2014-2015. No faculty is listed in the catalog or on the web site. The only two names included in the catalog are Timothy and Angela Tezeno, the "Executive Administration." Retrieved on 24 October 2015.