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Pane Andov is one of the myriad cranks spinning stories about 2012. Andov claims to have been in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence (though apparently it didn't rub off) and think that this gives him unique source

He is a relatively minor player on the 2012 scene. His page at hadn't even progressed past the "draft" stage, but this didn't stop him from trying to force them to take it down by threatening legal action in June 2012.[1] Nothing has come of it yet, so watch that page and keep the popcorn at hand. Update: Mr. Andov decided not to pursue the matter. As stated here.


An e-book of his comes with a curious disclaimer reminiscent of the Quack Miranda Warning, though in this case a better name would be "Heaven's Gate Miranda Warning" due to this bit:

Pane Andov will not be held responsible for any action someone takes as a result of the information in this lecture.