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Pinkwashing means taking advantage of issues related to the human rights of sexual minorities to gain commercial advantage or to take political advantage of issues unrelated to minority issues. While their premise is kinda accurate, it's worth noting that claiming without evidence that someone is doing something while ignoring other issues is a conspiracy theory, and usually a form of whataboutism. The biggest problem with the pinkwashing idea is that it only highlights the middle- to upper-middle-class white male gay population, not all sexual minorities. Had it also included rights regardless of pretty much everything, the pinkwashing idea still wouldn't make sense.

Israel is probably the biggest "victim" of pinkwashing, having equal gay rights while disregarding their treatment of the Palestinians. However, it should be worth noted that several right-wing parties in Israel point out homophobia in the Muslim world, probably to distract everyone from the fact that they control the world via all those banks.Do You Believe That? Of course, suspicions could be pointed out that their treatment of Palestinians is still worse than that of gay people, so in order to get rid of claims of pinkwashing, Israel also has to agree to peace with Palestine, even if it means compromising.

Someone who is deserving of being called a pinkwasher is Geert Wilders, who, despite being a far-right politician, is still "pro-LGBT". Of course, it's debateable how pro-gay he is compared with leftists.