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Prevention is a popular magazine, targeted at women, that focuses on topics that are vaguely health related. The cover of each issue has a picture of a smiling, slim woman and a headline like "Fit After Forty" or "You Can Have a Flat Belly By Summer."

Some of their advice is commonsensical, like getting plenty of exercise and eating lots of fruits and veggies. But they also have a distressing amount of woo. As is typical of the alt med community they hype every possible shortcoming of conventional medicine while accepting homeopathy, aromatherapy[1] and the like without question.

The magazine's medical writers include celebrity woo-meister Andrew Weil, who just happens to be affiliated with an institute that offers "complementary specialties including TCM, energy healing, botanical medicine, spirituality, and homeopathy."[2] Conflict of interest, anyone?

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