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RationalWiki Foundation/2014 Fundraiser

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Hello, everyone! The RationalMedia Foundation’s 2014 late winter/early spring fundraiser has concluded. You were all extraordinarily generous, and we were able to raise a fantastic $7300.66, almost double our previous record. Thank you again for giving so much!

Some basic information about this fundraiser:

228 donors gave a total of 237 donations. Total amount donated was $7,300.66. Mean donation size was $30.80. Median donation size was $10.00.

Thanks to our very own LArron we have some fun visualizations:

Rw-fundraiser-winter-2014-009.svg Rw-fundraiser-winter-2014-010.svg

Above you can see the distribution of donations in terms of the number of donations received and the amount received at that donation, for several different donation bins.

Below are several graphs that show the temporal pattern of donation amount and number of donations:

Rw-fundraiser-winter-2014-002.svg Rw-fundraiser-winter-2014-003.svg Rw-fundraiser-winter-2014-004.svg Rw-fundraiser-winter-2014-005.svg

One interesting thing to note is the distribution of donors who were able to give larger amounts, versus the smaller donations as you can in the below graph splitting the donations above/below $100 accounts for almost equal proportion of our total donation amount:


And finally a few other fun visualizations that show the amount and relative frequency of donation amounts:

File:Rw-fundraiser-winter-2014-011.svg File:Rw-fundraiser-winter-2014-001.svg

With your generous donations we were able to setup an annual contract at a reduced rate for most of our server infrastructure saving us a fairly substantial amount. As many of you are aware we have two lawsuits pending against us, we don't have specifics to release at this time but the Foundation has reached out for assistance and we are optimistic about a quick resolution. Our future ability to defend RationalWiki depends on your continued financial support, and we are very appreciative!