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an internet compund[sic] comprised of[sic] Liberals, atheists, and witches seeking to undermind[sic] Christians and Republicans.
—— Republican Faith on RationalWiki, [ Archive copy at the Wayback Machine]

Republican Faith (the artist formerly known as Baptists for Brownback) was ... well, one of the most scary places on the interwebs (probably up there with Stormfront - while the latter are better regimented, they can't quite manage the sheer off-handed horror of U.S.E and the like).

Of course, the above statement assumes it was actually not a parody. It almost certainly was a parody, and an atrociously bad one at that.

They were very bigoted against black people, Muslims, gays, and anyone who doesn't fit into the small mold of being a white, male, "true" bigoted, right-wing evangelical Christian.

Wordpress took the site down for violation of the ToS.

What did it do?[edit]

  • Dangerously exact and convenient messages from madeup[1] Archangels telling Pastor Maker to break laws, incite hatred, etc[2]. God also apparently has an intimate hand in promoting the Republican cause[3].
  • Recommend that the poor and homeless be poisoned[4].
  • Advocate the vigilante murder of those deemed not 'Christian (Republican Baptist) [the only type they believe are 'True Christians'][5]
  • Recommend the ghettoisation and forced wearing of an identifying symbol for all whom they disagree with or fear[6] (hang on, someone else had that idea ...), although there is a priority dispute for this between them and Richard Dawkins.


With sentences like "John has a far better understanding of the holiness of the Savior and expresses himself so much more eloquenter"[7] it seems so. But the debate goes on.


Republican Faith's popularity grew alarmingly. This was not, as they would like you to think, because their message was being taken onboard; but rather, as one contributor charmingly pointed out, because they 'link-whore' other media with offensive posts;, well-known science blogs, and also various paint balling forums (?). This generates a wave of single comment types whose response is either 'LOL WUT?', 'is this parody?', or 'you lot are *UNchristian words removed*.' Some users long for the days in which it was just themselves and an elite troll squad up against the 'Baptist' legions.

Notable contributors[edit]

Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett[edit]

"Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett" is the main contributor to Republican Faith. She routinely refers to the United States of America as the "United States of God"[8], and has been known to advocate the mass murder of all who disagree with her.

She also posts at Blogs 4 Brownback.

If she is not a fiction created by a totally over-the-top parodist, then she is the dingbat from whom all other dingbats should take lessons. Any claim to logic or reason is entirely outside her purview. She should be incarcerated at the public expense in a home for the terminally bewildered.

Tobin Maker[edit]

Tobin Maker
G-d bless him!

An occasional contributor, Maker (born 1946) is the resident pastor at Republican Faith. He battles daily to protect Christian American children from the "lies" of atheism and evolution. He has a Doctorate of Divinity and is a graduate of Liberty University.

Brother McGregor[edit]

A Scottish zealot, and convert. Or is he? He is probably one of the more popular contributors. Rumor has it that he fled and changed his name. His conversion came about on the "Sissification of Seattle" blog, which was designed to outrage kilt wearers. He seems pious enough, but there is a sense of mischief about this good brother. Brother McGregor was the odd man out, at times very gentle and genuinely concerned and then at other times displaying an almost Jekyll-and-Hyde change in behavior. This "character" is genuinely one of the more interesting people at Baptists for Republican Government.[9]

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