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Richard "The Dick" Coughlan is an English atheist YouTube vlogger. His videos mainly consist of criticizing religion, creationism, racism, and homophobia. His original channel, Coughlan666, lasted from July 2008 to August 2010. In Coughlan's words "YouTube decided in their infinite wisdom to terminate Coughlan's original channel after 2 years."[1] At the time he had 175 videos, 6.7 million video views, 1.6 million channel views & 29k subscribers, but Coughlan was determined not to leave YouTube and came back with two new channels: Coughlan616 and Coughlan000.

Global YouTube PWNAGE Olympics[edit]

Every year in mid-summer, Coughlan hosts the PWNAGE Olympics, a set of challenges for the YouTube community to compete in creating videos expressing the utmost ownage. The challenges could range from making an ownage video in less than 90 seconds, an ownage video that is all song, or even the most scientifically fact-based ownage video.

Hundreds of YouTube users, predominately from the atheist community, flow in to sportingly try to make the best ownage videos. The winner, as well as the second and third running, get a shout out from Coughlan: that is, Coughlan tells his subscribers to go subscribe to these champions. The winner then must make a "thank you" video.

While the competition is meant to be exciting and fun, as is usual in competing events, dissatisfaction arises from those who did not win. Many people criticize Coughlan's choice, since he is the only judge and the video is judged based on how much it makes Coughlan laugh or enjoy it.


Coughlan is a strong defender of same-sex marriage. Coughlan has made many videos critizing the arguments presented by homophobic people and really brings the hammer down when said homophobe is black. Coughlan argues these people are using the same sacred book that was used to enslave their ancestors and prevent them from marrying a white spouse - despite how much they loved each other.


Coughlan, who shares the same nation as YouTube user Pat Condell, found themselves on opposition regarding the issue of Islamophobia.

Pat Condell has many many videos criticizing the spread of Islam and the government's lack of responsibility to protect Europe as well as attacking his own ball and chain. Coughlan, who is usually very critical of religion (especially Christianity), came to the Muslims' defense and made several videos pointing out the hypocrisy and "fallacies" in Condell's arguments.

Eventually, this led to tensions between Coughlan and the Thunderf00t, who holds a strong anti-religious stance. Thunderf00t is critical of all religions and their ability to make people abandon critical thinking skills in favor of a delusional fantasy. Thunderf00t mainly targeted Creationists and Christianity, but then targeted Islam.


Richard Coughlan has been accused many times of being an Islamo-sympathiser due to constantly criticizing the likes of Pat Condell and Thunderf00t whenever they attack Islam, but not whenever they attack Christianity and of causing several "civil wars" within the atheist community. Many of his videos attack Christians and Christianity; yet many of his other videos defend Muslims and Islam. He has also attacked ex-Muslim and atheist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, albeit on poor grounds. This was probably a move done to gain more support from the growing Muslim YouTube community. Coughlan has responded to (though still not fully addressing) these criticisms by jokingly calling himself "Secret Muslim, Cultural Marxist, Culinary Fascist with a black belt in Political Correctness", although he did have a go at Moonsilam for calling him a "right wing pseudo-intellectual" when he made a joke about a Muslim. He has also been accused of causing Youtube drama for views and of being an attention whore to which he responds with "If you think I'm an attention whore, don't give me attention" and of attacking prominent atheists (the ones with the most subscribers, namely Thunderf00t and TheAmazingAtheist) within the community as an attempt to gain more subscribers, dividing the house in the process.

Coughlan has also been criticized for being overly-emotional. In a video he made to TheAmazingAtheist he had an emotional breakdown, upset about some drama on his 666 channel (which he flags mirrors of on a regular basis). TJ's fanbase never forgot that because in February 2012, when Coughlan called TJ out on some comments he deemed insensitive made, one of Terroja's fans asked him if he was going to make Coughlan cry again, referring to the breakdown to which Coughlan says he matured since then. While he hasn't fully broken down on video again yet, he continues to get teary-eyed, particularly on videos regarding Islam. He is also incredibly hostile to his commentators, making ad hominem attacks and cussing profusely in the place of a formal argument.

Despite his generally social justice warrior opinions, he says "cunt" a lot, which some people find offputting.

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