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Rivista di Biologia

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Rivista di Biologia (also known under its English title Biology Forum) is an Italian academic journal that has certain characteristics of a pseudojournal that publishes pseudoscience.

It must be pointed out that without a full content analysis, not all papers in this journal are necessarily shite, indeed the shite might even be in a minority, but it is there nevertheless, floating like a Venetian turd in the water under that great city.

Mamma mia! You mighta say as you choka on your pasta. How dida this come abouta?[1]

Its editor since 1979, Giuseppe Sermonti has anti-Darwinian views on evolution and is author of the book Why is a Fly Not a Horse?.[2]

John M. Lynch (who is he? He is him[3]) has identified the following pseudoscientists for publishing pseudopapers in this pseudojournal[4]