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Sean Last is a Neo-Nazi and white nationalist who formerly wrote racist and anti-Semitic articles for The Right Stuff, a website that promotes Holocaust denial and white supremacy.[1] In 2016, Last was a contributor with Ryan Faulk on the alt-right website The Alternative Hypothesis.[2] Last and Faulk have earned the moniker "dumb and dumber".[citation NOT needed]

The Right Stuff[edit]

Last was a frequent writer at The Right Stuff from 2013 to 2016. In his early articles he openly supported either white nationalism by reducing non-white immigration and increasing white birth rates in the US, or white separatism by creating small ethno-enclaves as sovereign states and breaking up the US: "a group of almost all whites seceding from the United States." However, he favoured the latter, arguing it is more practical and achievable.[3]

And even if we managed to curtail immigration our white majority would still be undone by birth rates. Of course, getting whites to have more children is possible.
Sean Last, saviour of the white race

White nationalism[edit]

In January 2014, Last published an article defending white nationalism.[4]

Race realism[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Racialism

Near the end of 2014, Last began to realise no one was taking him seriously as a white nationalist, as he was writing crummy articles for a crappy Neo-Nazi website that denied the Holocaust's existence and so he began to identify with "race realism". Of course, this fooled no one, but he went on nevertheless to publish a bunch of pseudoscientific articles defending "race realism".[5][6][7]

In May 2015, Last published an article critical of RationalWiki's racialism article.[8]

By September 2015, Last no longer identified as a white nationalist, but as a "race realist".[9]

Debate with Krom[edit]

In May 2015, a RationalWiki sysop, Krom, debated Last on the topic of race and genetics, at The Right Stuff.[10]

Krom noted Last repeated several points refuted a thousand times and didn't waste much time debating him after quickly realising Last is a political ideologue.

Dubious claim to have given up white nationalism[edit]

For 3 years Last unsuccessfully tried to re-brand himself as a "race realist", however, opponents that he debated kept raising the fact he was a politically motivated ideologue, i.e. a white nationalist, which led him in 2018 to make a rather erratic video claiming he had suddenly given up his old racist and white nationalist political beliefs. He later deleted the video, but it has been commentated on by a right-wing YouTube channel, describing it as somewhat odd and incoherent.[11] In the comments of the latter video, Last has written:

First, I did not suddenly change my mind about these things. You can see posts from my blog that people archived a year ago making similar criticisms and, unverifiably, I spoke to people about these concerns long before that. IIRC, I said as much in one of my videos, though perhaps I did not emphasize this sufficiently. So, I was a WN for 9 years, and in the last 2 years of that or so I began to seriously question the ideology, and after that period of consideration decided to publically[sic] change my stance. And my current stance is still one motivated by the interests of White people, and so still closer to WN that are most political stances. And, of course, I'm still a race realist who thinks that racial differences in various traits are hugely important. I don't think that is particularly erratic behavior, though I suppose that is somewhat subjective.

There is no actual evidence he changed his views and his Twitter account feed still reads as a white nationalist i.e. he follows alt-righters such as Edward Dutton, Anatoly Karlin, John Fuerst and Emil Kirkegaard, while nearly all his tweets are about white people and the dangers of non-white immigration. His dubious claim of abandoning white nationalism purely stems from debate opponents pointing out he's a political ideologue and not someone worth debating because he lacks any objectivity when discussing science in regards to race.

He doesn't care about expertise. He won't look at stuff from public race realist academics. What he cares about is ideology.
—Sean Last,[12] psychologically projecting

Tweet deletion-spree[edit]

In September 2019, in response to this RationalWiki article highlighting the fact Sean Last's Twitter feed reads as a white nationalist as well as him retweeting the alt-right, Last deleted 268 of his race-obsessed tweets (from 270 to 2), so his feed became almost blank for two months.[13] However a screenshot exists before deletion.[14]

Twitter re-appearance[edit]

Sean Last has since returned to tweeting obsessively about white people, race, and intelligence. Again. As of February 2020, nearly all his tweets have been about race, retweeting white nationalists such as Paul Ramsey. [15]

In summary[edit]

He's a racist dirtbag who takes issue with being called a racist dirtbag.

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