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Crowded with Diversity: Skeption 9

Skepticon started in 2008 and bills itself as the United States's largest free conference on skepticism. It occurs annually in November, usually in Missouri. It won an award from Center for Inquiry. Its sponsors included Secular Woman and the National Atheist Party.

Skepticon II[edit]

Skepticon II featured a pub night as well, where attendees were able to meet the speakers (and actively make them intoxicated). To manage all this, the event was stretched into two very full days. Skepticon II was awarded Best On-Campus Event for 2009 by the Center for Inquiry (CFI).[1]

Skepticon III[edit]

Skepticon III featured fifteen speakers discussing a wide variety of topics pertaining to skepticism, Crowd at Skepticon IIIincluding feminism, sexuality, diversity in the movement, techniques for coming out as a skeptic or atheist, and the psychology of belief, among others. During the talk given by the world-reknowned supernatural investigator James Randi, an estimated 800 people were in attendance. Over the course of the three-day event, roughly 1,000 people attended, making Skeption III one of the largest skeptic conferences in the world.[2]

Skepticon IV[edit]

Skepticon IV featured sixteen speakers, a panel on nontheistic approaches to death, and a trip to the local creation museum. Upwards of 1,200 people were attended, making Skepticon the second largest skeptic/atheist conference in the U.S. in 2011.[3]

Skepticon V[edit]

Skepticon V occurred in 2012 in Springfield, Missouri.

Skepticon 6[edit]

Skepticon 6 occurred in 2013 in Springfield, Missouri

skepticon 7[edit]

Skepticon 7 occurred in 2014 in Springfield, Missouri

Skepticon 8[edit]

Skepticon 8 occurred in 2015 in Springfield, Missouri

Skepticon 9[edit]

Skepticon 9 occurred in 2016 in Springfield, Missouri

Skepticon 10[edit]

Skepticon 10 occurred in 2017 in Springfield, Missouri

Skepticon 11[edit]

Skepticon 11 occurred in 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri

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