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SyeTen Atheist

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My cartoons about religious spunk-stains, sexy little peace-loving Islamic bitches and Social Justice Spastics have been discussed by some of the greatest secular minds of our time.

"Poorly executed" — Sam Harris

"Racist" — Matt Dillahunty

"Sye Ten is the reason I do not feel welcome in the atheist community" — Kat Blaque

"Tweeting a Sye Ten video got me de-platformed from NECSS and gave me a stroke" — Richard Dawkins

Yes, my powers are terrifying and you will quite understandably think I'm AMAZING.
—Channel description[1]

SyeTen Atheist (or simply SyeTen)(link) is a YouTube atheist known for his videos concerning religion (mostly Christianity and Islam) in which he claims to follow "Presuppositional Atheism" and use "Fucked Up Logic".

About SyeTen[edit]

So far, he has 109 videos,[2] 100,089 subscribers, and 12,726,620 views.[3] He is an artist, animator, singer, and musician. His videos often criticize or parody elements of religion (especially Christianity and Islam), YouTube Christians, people who defend non-violent Muslims, or generally anybody or anything he finds stupid or ridiculous. One of his biggest achievements was his video response to TektonTV[4] and his video response to TektonTV's video response to SyeTen's video response to him.[5]

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