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TheLivingDinosaur is a biochemist who makes videos on YouTube defending the theory of evolution while refuting and debunking creationist material. He currently has just over 29,000 subscribers.


  • BSc, PhD - University of London

Holy Hallucinations[edit]

TheLivingDinosaur is perhaps most well known for his series “Holy Hallucinations” in which he thoroughly refutes creationist videos and arguments. He does so by presenting valid counterarguments backed up by evidence, all the while using rather vulgar but funny commentary on the creationists' lack of effort and total lack of any sensible thought.

Another key thing that his viewers always note is TheLivingDinosaur's excellent presentation with images; whether they are images of evidence, cartoon parodies, or perhaps half-naked female models (more rarely men). While the use of half-naked women in his videos does not come off to his viewers as shameful or naughty, TheLivingDinosaur cares little what the more sensitive viewers think and more or less responds with “so I like girls. Big deal.”

Question Evolution Response[edit]

In response to the creationist Question Evolution campaign, the YouTube community headed by theist Lapkine77 and several atheists (particular the group Trolling With Logic) gathered together in teamwork to make a video series response to the 15 creationist questions meant to provoke the public to doubt the theory of evolution. TheLivingDinosaur took part in this, answering question #5.[1]