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The Dark Side of the Supernatural: What is God and What Isn't

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The Dark Side of the Supernatural: What Is of God and What Isn't is a book written by Bill Myers and David Wimbish. It describes topics such as the occult, Satanism, Wicca and various supernatural phenomena from a Christian and Biblical point of view.[1][2] It was published in 2008, as a remake of the original 1999 book, The Dark Side of the Supernatural: Learning What Is of God...and What Is Not.[3] A revised and expanded edition was also made of this book in 2012.[4] The book has also been translated into Spanish.[5]


The topics explored in this book are "supernatural hunger", angels, demons, Satanism (reminiscent to Satanic Panic myths), UFOs, communicating with the dead (Spiritism), ghosts, near-death experiences (ironically negative despite views commonly held by most Christians), reincarnation, Wicca and witchcraft (as if they were the same thing), vampires (Twilight) and fantasy games (Dungeons and Dragons).



The book commonly refers to the above topics as "doors", probably because the author also wrote the "Forbidden Doors" series.


The book was reviewed by columnist and author Gary Dale Cearley on bookpleasures.com, who noted its Evangelical Christian bias.[6][7]

Further reading[edit]

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  • Myers, Bill Wimbish, David The Dark Side of the Supernatural (1999) Bethany House


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