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Daniel Harris (31 May 1985–), better known as The Rageaholic, also RazörFist and Raz0rfist on Twitter, is a YouTube commentator and self-proclaimed "Metal Head" due to his love for heavy metal music and his movie, game and television reviews where he "hates" many popular series for clicks on YouTube.

Aside from his rants, another popular video series of his his known as Metal Mythos, where he talks in depth about a heavy metal band of his choice. He is famous for not only the absurd level of anger in his online presence (not just in videos) but also as well his adamant belief that Michael Jackson was totally innocent of all accusations of child molestation.

Michael is innocent!… as well as Bill Cosby?[edit]

Raz0rfist is fundamentally adamant that Michael Jackson was completely innocent from all charges of child molestation, claiming the documentary Leaving Neverland was a total shockumentary that was discredited within weeks[1] despite the fact that while the documentary was certainly bruised and battered, there is an ongoing controversy surrounding Michael Jackson's legacy. To take it even further, Harris suggests that sexual abuse allegations against Bill Cosby are also all totally false,[2] he asserts that since Michael Jackson was proven not guilty in court he could not be called a child molester yet he claims that despite Cosby's convection it should also be doubted because the justice system is broken.[3][4][5] If the justice system is so broken to the degree Harris claims, then how could we also legitimately assert Michael Jackson was innocent?

Hating Kojima[edit]

As previously mentioned, Razor also enjoys game reviewing, which takes up a large chunk of his videos, but the axe he has to grind against video game designer Hideo Kojima creator of the Metal Gear series. Accusing Kojima fans of being in a "cult",[6] that his games are full of "virtue signalling" [7] and that Kojima is just Peter Molyneux in hipster glasses and a Yoko wig.[8]


As one might predict, Harris is also a fan of Gamergate[9] even going as far as to claiming to be doing what Gamergate did before Gamergate[10] attacking games for being too "woke"[11] for being too Anita Sarkeesian-friendly.

Political Views[edit]

Raz0rfist is virulently right-wing, claiming that Bernie Sanders is a communist that needs to be dropped out of a helicopter[12], loves Barry Goldwater[13] despises John McCain[14] and holding to extremely libertarian beliefs. Harris claimed that there was likely fraud in the 2020 Democratic primaries in favour of Joe Biden simply because there were so many more people at Bernie Sanders rallies while there were comparatively a lot less at Joe Biden's. [15] Another major talking point of his was that the 2018 Arizona Senate election was stolen. What evidence does he give that it was stolen? That there was NO WAY so many people could have voted for a Democratic Senator on the same night that a Republican governor won[16] despite it happening in several other states like Maryland. He has also accused an extremely conservative Democrat of being a literal communist and a "fake moderate" using a poorly edited page from Nate Silver's 538.[17]


Raz0rfist is good friends with Sargon of Akkad[18] and Styxhexenhammer666.[19]